Boston Celtics: 4 quick takeaways from 109-105 loss to Warriors

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 23: Kyrie Irving
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 23: Kyrie Irving /

Even though the Boston Celtics lost their 4th game out of 5, there is no reason to worry. After a four point loss to the Warriors, the team looks as strong as ever.

On a primetime Saturday night in Oracle, the Boston Celtics fell short to the Warriors 109-105. Kyrie Irving was incredibly efficient and spectacular, but Steph Curry stole the show. His 49 points led the Warriors to a victory and avenged a loss earlier in the year in Boston.

For the Celtics, this loss marks their fourth in five games. Still, a close loss to the best team in the league should not and will not be scrutinized. There are plenty of positives to take away.

1. The Boston Celtics can hang with Golden State

In the past few years, the Celtics have been one of only a few teams that have played Golden State well. Along with Houston and Cleveland, the Celtics have had the most success against the NBA’s best team this decade. Ever since Brad Stevens had a half-decent team, the Celtics have split with Golden State for the past few years.

Many remember the double OT game a few years ago, the game that snapped a 54-game home winning streak, or the 4th quarter comebacks in back-to-back games in 2017. Now, you can add the two team’s first meeting in 2018.

The bottom line is that whenever the Celtics and Warriors meet the games have a playoff feel. Maybe this is the year the two finally do meet in the postseason. It would at least be more interesting that LeBron losing for yet another time in the finals or the Warriors wiping the floor with Toronto.

2. Kyrie Irving can be the best player on a championship team

In case you have been living under a rock for the past four months, Kyrie Irving has played like an MVP for the Boston Celtics. Any doubters that said Kyrie could not lead a team to the NBA Finals while being the best player is dead wrong. Kyrie did what he needed to do and more to earn a win tonight.

3. Move over, Cleveland

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When Gordon Hayward comes back to the Celtics, there is no question that the Celtics will have the best team in the East. Imagine Hayward in the game tonight. The Celtics desperately could have used Hayward in Jayson Tatum’s spot tonight as a wing who could score and has experience. Once Tatum has more game’s like these under his belt and Hayward comes back, the Celtics might have their own version of what is going on now in Golden State.

Along with 21-year old Jaylen Brown and whoever the Celtics get with their 2018 Lakers Pick/ 2019 Kings Pick, the Celtics are set up for 5-10 years. They couldn’t have done better in setting up for a post-LeBron Eastern Conference and eventual post-Warriors NBA. Basically, the team that lost to Golden State is not even close to how good the Celtics will look in just a few years time.

4. Get ready for the second half

Despite having very different players, the Celtics face a similar situation to last year’s team. A weak West Coast trip and a mid-season lull gave fans a reason to worry. Isaiah Thomas was calling out Brad Stevens and the Celtics were in danger of falling to 4th or 5th in the East. Then, the Celtics went on to earn the one seed in the East and make the Conference Finals.

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This year, the Celtics have a better team and are already have the best record in the Eastern Conference. With plenty of rest coming up, I fully expect the Celtics to get back in stride and run away with the one seed in the East. Right now, they are 35-15 and are 1.5 game ahead of the Raptors. I’ll say they finish at 58-24 and win the East by 4-5 games.