New England Patriots: Not just another Super Bowl LII preview

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 26: Malcolm Butler
FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 26: Malcolm Butler /

The time has finally come for another Super Bowl. This year it will be the New England Patriots defending their championship against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Oddly enough, this a matchup that everyone would come to expect if Carson Wentz were healthy. Since he is hurt, this almost comes as a shock to some. However, these are the two best teams in the league. It has become quite apparent that these would be the teams playing. The New England Patriots are taking on the “Underdog” Philadelphia Eagles in what should be a thriller.

“But Tre, what could possibly make this a thriller? New England should obliterate Nick Foles right? Isn’t he trash? I thought Philadelphia wasn’t even supposed to be in this game.” Well, my readers, I will explain just how this game is supposed to be amazing.

Factor numero uno

The first thing to consider is the fact that the Eagles have one of the best front lines in the history of the NFL. They also have the best offensive line in the NFL. When you look at how they play at the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball, all you see is excellence. Both lines have been crucial to the dirty birds’ success.

These two units will affect New England’s approach drastically. I would expect to see coach Belichick implement several five or six defensive back set. If you can’t get to the quarterback, you might as well put more obstacles in his path.

Now, the defensive line of the Eagles will prove to be the biggest obstacle for the New England Patriots. The biggest question being: Can Philadelphia’s 4-3 front provide enough pressure to get to Brady? If so, then Philadelphia might have this game won. I predict that if the Eagles can sack Brady four or more times, with at least two coming in the fourth quarter, then they will beat the New England Patriots.

The flip side

With all of the above being said, don’t sleep on either front line of the Pats. Trey Flowers is a highly regarded pass rusher off the edge and he could potentially give either Philly tackle trouble. Also, Cameron Fleming and crew on the New England offensive line do a solid job of giving the G.O.A.T plenty of time.

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Tom Brady might be throwing another 60+ passes this game, as the running game is going to be a guaranteed nonfactor. The NFC Champions from the City of Brotherly Love have only allowed 79 rushing yards per game. Now, they’re no 2000 Baltimore Ravens or anything, but it is enough to make the Patriots rely on the MVP’s arm (like they have all season).

In conclusion…

Both teams definitely deserve to be here, and that is a non negotiable (yes, I know I picked Jacksonville don’t remind me). There is one more thing that I need to cover. I don’t think it can be debated. Nick Foles is a starting caliber QB. He is 6’6″ with a cannon for an arm. That alone is enough to be considered for a starting spot on some teams *cough cough Denver* *cough cough Brock Osweiler* *cough cough cough cough*.

On top of that, Foles is a solid decision maker. In the pocket, he never rushes his throw, and he shows confidence with every decision, regardless of end result. He has done a solid job, and no one should underestimate his abilities. During his first full season as the starter in Philly, he threw for 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. That’s pretty solid.

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Even though I defended Nick Foles in the last couple of paragraphs, I pick New England to win this game, 24-21.

I hope everyone enjoys the game!