Boston Celtics: Quiet trade deadline good for team chemistry

BOSTON, MA - JANUARY 3: Terry Rozier
BOSTON, MA - JANUARY 3: Terry Rozier /

Leading up to the trade deadline, the Boston Celtics were rumored in deals for Tyreke Evans and Lou Williams. Instead, they made a much different yet equally effective move.

When the dust settled and the rubble was cleared, dozens of players had been moved. In the aftermath of Woj Bomb after Woj Bomb, some teams had new starting lineups and one had a whole new rotation. But here in Boston, the trade deadline passed over quietly. The Boston Celtics made no moves.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that this year’s deadline was a huge success. Instead of overpaying for a bench scorer by trading Marcus Smart/Terry Rozier and/or a 1st round pick, the Celtics stood pat. For now, they are content with the team they have.

The truth is, the Celtics were better off without making a trade. The best move they could have made was making no move at all. Boston has something you can’t get with a mid-season trade: chemistry.`

An Unmeasured Statistic

Some are calling the Cavaliers’ moves at the deadline a success because they got younger and better on defense. While this may be true, the ultimate test won’t come until the team plays together on the floor.

The Cavs are bringing in four new players that will all play key minutes in the middle of the season. How can you expect them to hop on the floor and start gelling immediately? Chemistry takes time to develop, especially if the team has no time to practice and no experience playing together.

Even if the Boston Celtics had brought in just one player, they would have faced this problem. The chemistry is so close that any slight alteration in the rotation could change how the team plays (TBD on Greg Monroe). Taking away a Marcus Smart or Terry Rozier would not be good for team morale. The front office, coaching staff, and the players themselves all know it.

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Check out these quotes made today from Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens and  Al Horford.

"“We like our guys. We like our team. We didn’t feel like we had to do something, so move on forward.”“We have a good locker room. We have guys that pull for one another.”“I’m happy that we’re able to keep our group. We feel like we really have a really good locker room.”"

What Now? 

Now, the Celtics can continue working on a championship run rumor-free. Fans can start enjoying a very likable team and watch they young players develop. With a few more first round picks coming up in the next couple years, there is no reason to rush to make a move. After the wild offseason this past year, Dealin’ Danny can relax a little.

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When Gordon eventually comes back, we will know the full potential of this current team. Until then, there is no reason to make any panic trades. Now, let’s get used to the eleven players playing their first season in green. I don’t need any more jerseys to buy.