New England Patriots: 3 reasons Super Bowl LII was one of the best ever

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New England Patriots
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Bill Belichick was outcoached, and the strategic duel was mesmerizing.

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Bill Belichick is [arguably] the greatest coach of all time. We all expected for him and his staff to trigger the same late game chess match that has won him a lot of games. Doug Pederson recognized this, and he didn’t let the Pats get into his team’s head. He retaliated with his notoriously aggressive playcalling, and New England got burned because they couldn’t match the tempo.

This was very interesting to me. It is the first time I’ve ever seen Belichick’s sit back and observe mentality actually backfire. The big reason why seems to be the inability for his team to capture momentum.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it: establishing and keeping control of momentum is the most important part of winning a game. Philadelphia did the better job of that, and Brady and Belichick couldn’t get back in the game because of it.

When looking back at this game, the New England Patriots really didn’t deserve this win. Philadelphia had them beat. But I will say, it was still probably the best game I’ve witnessed to this day.

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It has been a full week since it was played, and I’m just now taking it all in. No other game has ever left me as shocked and as awe struck.