Boston Celtics: Recent offensive struggles won’t mean much come May

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 23: Kyrie Irving
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 23: Kyrie Irving /

The Boston Celtics have had some struggles as of late, mainly on the offensive side of the ball. None of it will matter when the NBA Playoffs come around.

This year’s Boston Celtics team, led by Kyrie Irving, has had some struggles all year scoring when their top guard is out of the game. This has frankly been made a bigger concern than what it actually is. Every team, especially young ones, go through a minor slump midway through the season.

While Cleveland and Toronto are playing extremely well at a time where Boston seems to be slowing down, that doesn’t mean that Boston has been lackluster.

All that is happening is the Cavs and Raptors are providing a smokescreen for the Celts, making their offensive struggles seem worse than what they actually are.

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The Boston Celtics love to move the ball around. They are very unselfish and are willing to get the best shot. The common misconception is that Kyrie Irving is the only guy who can consistently generate points. That is extremely false. Especially recently, guys have been finding their roles and making things happen when Irving is out of the game.

Terry Rozier is the most recent example of a player that has stepped up in a big way. Even when he hasn’t broken records in a starting role, he has posted solid numbers off the bench and has sparked the offense in multiple ways.

Because of players like Rozier, Boston can thrive when Irving needs a breather. The point of this small publication is to make sure that my fellow Celtics fans do not lose hope.

This year is going to end in spectacular fashion, with the Boston Celtics winning the NBA Finals in early June.

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This team is more than just Kyrie Irving on the offensive end of the ball.