New England Patriots: Fans must stay positive this offseason

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A Super Bowl loss is always tough for a NFL fan base to handle, but the New England Patriots fans must keep their hopes up this off-season.

Knowing Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots are bound for some sort of makeover. Like a celebrity who didn’t look so great on the red carpet despite some amazing Instagram posts, they need to fix a few errors that showed on the biggest stage of them all, but looked decent during the course of the season.

But, instead of just replacing a lip stick or some mascara, the team has to completely reset the defense. With Matt Patricia leaving for the Detroit Lions, they have a chance to do just that. Their base defense is not really an issue. The 4-3 will work great with edge rusher Trey Flowers. The team might end up losing Malcolm Butler, so that means that the secondary might be the bug in the system.

How to fix the problem

I’m not going to pit the problem on any one player, it was simply a group effort. The bend don’t break style just won’t cut it anymore. The first thing to consider is how many big plays burned New England in the long run.

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Simply put: the team needs to just anchor down and set the tempo. They can’t always rely on a sudden change in momentum. I’ve said in the past that momentum is usually the difference maker in every game of football ever played.

I have been dogging on the defense quite a bit lately, so let me shift to the offense for a second. The Pats need to retain Nate Solder. He can be a little shaky at times, but for the most part, he is a reliable option that has been there for a long time. For a team that might need a youth movement, the front line will need a leader. Solder can be that guy.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pursue a slot corner in Aaron Colvin either, he is an athletic guy that is overshadowed by players like Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye. He is the type of guy that would have great success in New England.

See, there’s nothing to be worried about!

Now that I’ve given just a few guys that could make things better, I want to remind you all that the Patriots will always put themselves in a position to win it all, and they will not disappoint. Just sit back and relax.

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The New England Patriots will probably win it all next year. The problem is truly not all that big. All the team needs to do is just set the tempo rather than wait for the opponents to.