New England Patriots: It’s WWE or NFL for Rob Gronkowski

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While New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has not committed to another season in the NFL, it appears he has a future in the WWE.

Hate to say it, but New England Patriots fans should not be surprised if Rob Gronkowski does retire and make a career in the world of entertainment.

With reports surfacing that the All-Pro tight end has actually contemplated retirement for a while, perhaps he has been setting the foundation to leave the game he loves early.  This is not something fans of the team saw coming, but come to think of it, maybe the writing was on the wall.

With the amount of injuries Gronkowski has endured – the latest being a concussion suffered in the AFC Championship game – perhaps the NFL’s most dominant playmaker is putting his health ahead of the next hit that could or may end his NFL career early anyway.

Coming off one of his best seasons in the NFL, Rob Gronkowski would be a Super Bowl victory short of leaving the game on top.  One has to even wonder if had the Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII would Gronk have called it a career and not left things up in the air?

That is something we will never know, but what we do know is Hollywood is knocking on Rob Gronkowski’s door.  Celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are pumping him up to be the next action star.  Has to be enticing for a 29-year-old athlete who has just about accomplished everything in the NFL.

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The next wrestling superstar?

And then there is the WWE.

According to Dave Melzer of the Wrestling observer newsletter, Vince McMahon is prepared to offer Rob Gronkowski a deal similar to that of Ronda Rousey if he does retire.  This gives Tom Brady’s top playmaker something to ponder, especially since he has been connected to the WWE the last couple of years.

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Not only has he been showing up and even appearing in WWE pay-per-view events, he has established a friendship with wrestling superstar Mojo Rawley. And it was Rawley who added fuel to the rumors last week when he told TMZ it’s “not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when” Gronk will join the WWE.

Unfinished business

Now, while it doesn’t sound too promising for the 2018 NFL season, Rob Gronkowski still has some unfinished business.

As I wrote previously, one main reason he should not retire is he promised fans he would be a part of the team’s sixth Super Bowl championship.  While coming that close to fulfilling that promise has to sting, it should also make Rob Gronkowski hungrier…at least for one more season.

Gronk should also not kid himself.  Yes, he has endured bumps and bruises from the daily grind of the NFL. But, the WWE doesn’t exactly guarantee his body won’t take a beating.

In conclusion, I think if Rob Gronkowski is feeling healthy he returns at least for another season.  With the nature of the injuries he has suffered, frustration could be playing a role in any thoughts of leaving the game too soon.  If indeed the WWE is his desired option, he would still put his body in through some bumps and bruises.

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Let’s just hope Vince McMahon doesn’t convince him to join the XFL.

Now that would be a slap in the face to New England Patriots fans as well as the NFL as a whole.