Celtics news 365: Kyrie Irving calls transition to Boston ‘awsome’

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Kyrie Irving took a major risk leaving Cleveland this past offseason, but it was a move “well worth it” according to the Boston Celtics All-Star guard. 

Whenever a superstar player looks for a change, he gambles with his career.  Such a gamble had paid off so far for Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving.

In an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, the “Uncle Drew” star reflects back on the blockbuster trade that drifted him away from LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and landed him with the Celtics.

When asked how things have worked out, Irving said the move was worth the transition.

"“It’s still a lot of newness, honestly, being with a totally different group of guys,” Irving said in the interview.  “It’s an adjustment in itself.  Individually and then trying to bridge that gap with our group and be my best self with our group, it’s been awesome – trying at times, but well worth it.”"

It has been worth it to Celtics fans as well.  Despite the team’s recent slump, Boston has posted a record of 41-19 and challenging for the top spot in the Eastern Conference.  The team has done so through a rash of injuries, including Gordon Hayward in the first game of the season, and a team made up of mostly young players.

With those obstacles, Irving has really had the chance to lead and his leadership will help the team go along way this season.  So far, he is glad everything worked out and also glad he took the chance with his career.

"“I was actually talking to my best friend Alex about it,” Irving revealed.  “And I have moments with him where I’m like, ‘Man, we’re really somewhere else right now.  Like, this is something different.’  It was a big chance.  And Babe Ruth said it: ‘Swing big and you may not miss big.  You may hit a home run.’  I don’t know.  But seriously, I’m glad that I took a chance on what I wanted to do within my career.”"

At just 25 years old, Kyrie Irving has an opportunity to lead the Boston Celtics to another banner in years to come.  Danny Ainge just has to get him to sign a long-term deal once his contract expires after the 2018-19 season.

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Coach’s corner 

The Boston Celtics are hoping to return to their winning ways following the NBA All-Star break.  With the team struggling both offensively and defensively, head coach Brad Stevens hinted at some changes once the team resumes the season Friday night against the Detroit Pistons.

What are those changes?

Well, lineup changes and bench rotation may be a start.

"“Definitely rotate a little bit differently,” Stevens said, via Masslive.com.  “I don’t know if that means changes in the starting lineup.  We’ll definitely have some rotations that will (change).  Certainly, it’ll be night to night, with tweaks from when guys enter the game etc.”"

With the addition of Greg Monroe, Stevens will have more versatility in how he rotates his big men.  It also allows Marcus Morris to play more 3 and Daniel Theis more 4 depending on the matchup.

Overall, the team should be able to improve their defensive efficiency with more versatile rotations and the return of Marcus Smart.  Stevens went on to emphasize that the defense has not been good.

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Rest, health and effort should solve that problem.