Richard Sherman, you coming to the New England Patriots bro?

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 20: Cornerback Richard Sherman
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 20: Cornerback Richard Sherman /

With the recent rumblings of a possible return by Aqib Talib, Richard Sherman has also been rumored to possibly join the New England patriots.

New England Patriots fans may not enjoy the antics of vocal Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. He is the player who ran up on Tom Brady after a Seattle victory and screamed “You mad Bro?” Pats fans may have to get used to him as the Patriots are continuing to show interest in the veteran corner.

Jeff Howe from the Boston Herald is reporting that Sherman has not been told if he is in the Seahawks plans for next season.  Sherman recently underwent surgery on his left Achilles and his recovery time may play a major factor in how the Seahawks deal with him.

If the team waits for him to recover they could try and trade the corner, if they are unsuccessful they may just let him go. If the Patriots are able to be patient they may be able to land Sherman.

This isn’t the first time the Patriots have been after Sherman. Rumors began to swirl that the Pats were looking to possibly acquire Sherman near last year’s trade deadline.  Sherman stated last year as well as again this offseason that he is open to going to New England.

 Matchmaking in the secondary

With Malcolm Butler most likely not returning to the Patriots, Stephon Gilmore is without a partner. What made the Patriots secondary so good last year is that you essentially had two shutdown corners on the field. When they were on, it seemed like nobody could make a catch against the duo.

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Sherman had his season abruptly ended with that Ruptured Achilles injury 9 games into the season.  Through those 9 games last season he had 35 tackles and two interceptions. Sherman may not have the same ability that he had when he uttered those infamous words, but he still is a great corner. A secondary with Gilmore covering one side of the field and Sherman on the other could be dangerous. Sherman is still a top 10 corner in the NFL so he would be a pretty big get if the Patriots were able to land him.

Let’s not forget how dominant Sherman was. He had two straight seasons with 8 interceptions and has a knack for causing turnovers. He is about to turn 30 and is coming off an injury, but he’s a much better option than Aqib Talib.

I love Sherman’s brashness. He is a trash talker and can get in opponents heads. A change of scenery would help him.

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The New England Patriots have a knack for rejuvenating careers. Richard Sherman could be the next player to find the fountain of youth in Foxborough.