New England Patriots: Rob Gronkowski has become a reality show

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New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is not expected to make a decision on his future anytime soon keeping the team and fans wondering about the 2018 season. 

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) questions surrounding the New England Patriots this offseason will not have an answer anytime soon.  In what is becoming a reality show, seems we tune in daily to see what hints the big man releases.

Let’s call this “Stuck on Gronk.”

The saga continues on

According to Peter King of the MMQB, All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski is expected to take his time in making one of the biggest decisions of his career.  While the team and fans would like to know whether the big playmaker will retire or return for the 2018 season, Gronkowski remains content on keeping everyone guessing.

Here’s what King had to say about Gronkowski:

"“I’m told that as of now New England tight end Rob Gronkowski hasn’t made a decision about continuing his football career.  And after 115 starry and injurious NFL games, he is (in) no hurry to make one.”"

What a difference a week make as it was just last week that both ESPN’s Adam Schefter and NFL Media’s Ian Rapopport reported almost simultaneously that Gronkowski was expected back for the 2018 season.  The excitement of that news did not last long as Gronk posted a couple more cryptic tweets, including one that simply said “clueless.”

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Quick thoughts

The fact that Rob Gronkowski has not officially announced a decision either way gives credence that he may be looking for more money.  A sweet offer from the New England Patriots may help him make a decision and it may also bandage some of the issues he reportedly had with the team prior and throughout the 2017 NFL season.

As Tom Curran of NBC Boston reported a couple weeks ago, Gronkowski has been unhappy since training camp.  It was during that time that stepping away from the game entered his mind.

With other opportunities out there like the WWE and potential action movies, the 28-year-old tight end holds all the cards to his future.  While taking his time makes sense for him, it is driving fans crazy wondering.  It is also holding up what the team does in making decisions on players like Martellus Bennett and Dwayne Allen.

The team could clear cap space by moving on from either or both tight ends.  Depending on Gronk’s decision, the team would either have to draft a replacement or pursue one in free agency.  The most notable name out there would be Jimmy Graham.

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If that is the direction the New England Patriots will have to go in, bringing back either Allen or Bennett would remain in the cards.