New England Patriots: Julian Edelman makes an important catch

(Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
(Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /

 New England Patriots Wide Reciever Julian Edelman noticed a troubling comment on one of his latest Instagram posts. So he informed the police and may have stopped a tragedy.

New England Patriots Wide Reciever Julian Edelman is a good follow on Instagram. You get a peek into his life off of the field, and you can also see how much he loves the city. Thanks to that same page he might have stopped another school shooting.

Edelman was direct messaged on the social media app by a follower who said that someone in  Edelman’s comments was threatening to shoot up a school. Edelman would then go on to inform his assistant to call 911 which led to the commenter being found and taken to a juvenile detention center. It was discovered that the commenter was a 14-year-old boy who lives in Port Huron, Michigan. The police ended up finding two rifles that belonged to the boy’s mother in the child’s home.

Edelman doesn’t want the credit as he called the follower who alerted him the real hero.

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Looking to bounce back

Edelman is looking to bounce back after missing all of last season. He tore his ACL and will be the New England Patriots top Wide Receiver in the 2018 season. It’s hard to know what we will get from Edelman. Will he be able to cut like in prior seasons? Will he have the same jump off of the line of scrimmage?

With the departure of Brandin Cooks, it looks like the Patriots will be going back to their “dink and dunk” style of offense No more deep bombs to Cooks. There will be lots of passes across the middle of the field to Edelman and Hogan. Hopefully, the return of Malcolm Mitchell will spark the passing game as well.

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Edelman made an important catch, much more important than any catch he will make on the field ( Yes, even that catch in the Super Bowl).