New England Patriots: Pound the panic button


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter New England Patriots Tom Brady hasn’t committed to playing this year.

Boston sports fans were coming off the high that was the Boston Celtics dominant win over the Milwaukee Bucks, but this news stopped all of the jubilation. The New England Patriots might have to get a new quarterback. This news is shaking all of New England. Could Tom Brady really retire? This is the same guy who said he wanted to play till he was 45.

Now before all of New England starts rioting, the sources say that there is a good chance he returns this season, but for the first time in Brady’s career, it is not a certainty that he plays. Now it doesn’t take a genius to realize the shock waves that Brady’s retirement would send through the franchise. The Patriots would immediately be rebuilding, they would have to move up to draft a starting quarterback, and the Super Bowl expectations will be down the drain.

Brady is still playing some great football. He threw for over 4,500 yards last season and had 32 touchdowns. The Patriots offense will be suited to Brady since they don’t have a big deep ball threat. Most of the passes will be towards the sidelines, as well as passes over the middle.

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Problems at Patriot place

This offseason has been crazy for the Patriots. It is hard to deny that there is friction in Foxborough. Rob Gronkowski hasn’t committed to playing this season, former players are lashing out against Bill Belichick and even some current ones.

This news that Brady is having second thoughts only proves that a rift exists. If Brady is happy, he is not going to be thinking about retiring this far into the offseason. He never wants to distract his teammates from the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl.

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The end of the Patriots dynasty seems to be closer than we all think. The immortal Brady, has come back down to Earth. So my advice to Patriots fans? Enjoy this while it lasts.