Boston Bruins: P.K. Subban enjoying himself in Boston

The amazing defenseman has spent the past week in Boston and has fans dreaming of him putting on a Boston Bruins sweater.

I used to hate P.K. Subban. When he was with the Montreal Canadiens I despised him, but ever since he left Montreal he has been a joy to watch. The Nashville Predator defenseman has spent the past week in Boston and has fans dreaming of a day where Charlie McAvoy and Subban are patrolling the Boston Bruins blueline.

Subban was in attendance for the Celtics disappointing loss in game 7 and stayed around for the Red Sox’s Memorial Day victory over the Toronto Blue Jays.  He took pictures with Sox’s legend Tim Wakefield and made a trip to the Green Monster. Is P.K. Subban chilling in Boston for a week mean there is some secret trade in the works? Probably not, but then on Thursday, Subban fanned the flames even more.

Subban and Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara were busy taking some summer courses at Harvard. Just imagine that top defensive pairing. The entire NHL would be put on notice.

Let’s entertain this fantasy

Now the Nashville Predators have made some big moves before. The move to get Subban was humongous. They traded away the face of their franchise Shea Weber to acquire the defenseman. So it wouldn’t be that shocking to see Nashville make a blockbuster move.

Another reason the Predators may be making some moves in the upcoming seasons is because they are going to have to open up the piggy bank. They are going to need to give some big paydays to Kevin Fiala, Ryan Ellis, and Pekka Rinne who have contracts expiring.  You could free up a good chunk of cap space by trading away Subban.

The Bruins have a ton of prospects so they could dig deep into their system.

There is a .00000001% chance this happens, but it seems like Subban enjoys being in Boston. He won’t be a free agent until 2023 which seems to be an eternity. Subban will be 32, but maybe Subban would want to end his career with a historic franchise.

Subban seems to love Boston, and Boston would give him that love back if he somehow ended up in a Bruins uniform.