Boston Celtics: Vegas disrespects C’s with latest odds

Over the weekend Las Vegas gave their 2019 NBA title odds, and it appears the Boston Celtics have not earned the respect of the oddsmakers.

The Boston Celtics almost made it to the NBA finals this season without two of their best stars. One would expect the Celtics to be the favorites in the Eastern Conference, but the Celtics have the 4th best odds in the NBA and are behind a familiar foe.

The fact that the Celtics are behind the Philadelphia 76ers is a joke. The C’s beat the Sixers without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. How are they in front of the Celtics?

You would have to assume that the oddsmakers believe Lebron James is going to Philly. After the Bryan Colangelo burner account scandal I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Even if Lebron does go to Philly the Celtics should still be the favorite. Kyrie will bring that killer instinct, and ability to hit a shot from anywhere on the court. Hayward will add a sharpshooter to the lineup who can also drive to the hoop. Also let us not forget, German rookie sensation Daniel Theis will be returning as well. The Celtics will have one of the deepest teams in the entire NBA.

Bulletin board material

Hopefully this will motivate the Celtics in the long run. I would expect Irving to come back with a vengeance. It seemed like he was really pissed that he couldn’t be out there going up against his former team. It seems like Irving’s effects are being discounted.

Irving had a great inaugural season with the C’s. He averaged 24.4 points and 5.1 assists per game. The most impressive thing about Kyrie’s season was his defense. It seemed like Irving bought into Brad Stevens selfless style of play and worked hard on what was probably his worst skill.

I don’t believe the Celtics needed some more motivation after their disappointing Game 7 collapse, but they got it anyway.

The Celtics did open up at 8/1 odds which isn’t terrible and places them among the favorites to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. Still, it is so disrespectful to have them behind the 76ers.

I expect the Boston Celtics to come back with a vengeance and prove that they will be the top team in the East for the foreseeable future.