Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart has nowhere else to go

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart is looking to get some major coin this offseason, but he may realize that no place loves him like Boston does.

Marcus Smart is one of the most interesting free agent situations that I can remember. His effect on the Boston Celtics is large to say the least. His defensive skills are the best in the league and make him a valuable asset, but he is terrible on the offensive side of the ball. Smart may soon find out that the free agency waters aren’t as calming as he expected.

Smart is coming off of one of his best seasons. He averaged 10.2 points, 4.8 assists, and 3.5 rebounds a game. Smart is such a versatile player. He can guard almost anyone.

The thing that will cause teams to shy away from Smart is his terrible shooting. It’s something that you need in today’s NBA and Smart is approaching his 5th year in the league. The time to develop a reliable shot is winding down.

Smart said that he believes he is worth more than $14 million. I think Smart will quickly realize that he isn’t getting that type of payday. If he had a consistent shot he would be getting paid, but sadly for Smart that isn’t the case.

I expect Smart to realize that he won’t be starting and getting the payday he desires rather quickly and will see that Boston is the best place for him.

Pulling out all the stops

Now if Smart does come back the focus will then shift to Terry Rozier. He won’t be cheap either, but it appears that ownership is ready to do whatever is necessary. Gary Washburn from the Boston Globe spoke to a team source who said that the Celtics want to bring back Smart and Rozier to solidify their roster for an NBA finals run.

This would be humongous because the Celtics roster would be virtually the same. A team that was one win from the NBA finals without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward will be coming back fully armed and ready to make a run for the championship.

The Celtics ownership is showing that they believe in their team, and if the efforts to bring everyone back are successful the Celtics may hang banner 18 next season.