Boston Celtics Player Report Card 2017-18: Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving didn’t get to finish his first season with the Boston Celtics, but there’s plenty to look forward to.

Kyrie Irving didn’t get to exact revenge on his old team in the playoffs like he probably wanted to.  The Boston Celtics fell just minutes short of a trip to the NBA Finals, but it was obvious they could have used their star point guard to close out Game 7.

It wasn’t the ideal way for Kyrie’s season to end, but there’s a lot to build off of moving forward.

Without Kyrie throughout the regular season, the Celtics wouldn’t have gotten the second seed.  They wouldn’t have had home court during the playoffs, and as a result probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did.

When Irving was traded to Boston, everyone just thought he’d be exactly what he was for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kyrie Irving showed he’s much more than just a scorer as he dished out the ball to his teammates.  It was also exciting to see Irving’s defensive potential, as he kept getting in passing lanes and did a better job of staying with his defensive assignment.

Season Highlights and Future Outlook

Kyrie Irving is a superstar, we all know that.  He had some moments this year though that were just incredible.  We imagined Irving with Gordon Hayward at his side to help out, and that all changed in an instant.  Kyrie didn’t have the luxury of being the passer he probably wanted to be.

Against the New York Knicks in February, he put up 31 points, eight assists, nine rebounds and two steals.  Everyone tends to play better at Madison Square Garden, but the superstars tend to pull out all the stops.  Irving roasted the team he grew up loving.

Personally, I believe he’ll have quite a few triple-doubles next season.  Also, double-digit assist games wouldn’t be something I’d be shocked seeing either.

Kyrie had one double digit assist game this season, it was opening night in Cleveland.  He put up 22 points and 10 assists.  Next season we’ll see an Irving who’s much more comfortable in the offense, and that goes a long way.

Irving had about nine games this season with at least seven rebounds or more, he wasn’t afraid to his the glass and it was just another part of his game we got to see.

Lastly, I don’t think anyone can forget the Dallas game.  Early in the season when the Celtics were facing the Mavericks, Irving had 47 points, six assists, a rebound and a steal.  He sealed the game for the Boston Celtics in a tight contest, and was just a joy to watch.

Final Grade:




His season ended in March, and while it was a great season, he didn’t get to finish it.

Let’s hope we see a full season on a good knee out of him this coming year.