Boston Red Sox: Drew Pomeranz continues to fail expectations

Another let down of a start from Boston Red Sox lefty Drew Pomeranz? What else is new?

Another start for Drew Pomeranz and another disappointing night for the Boston Red Sox lefty.

Now begs the question: will Pomeranz even make the playoff roster for Boston come the end of the season?

It’s a shame that we’re having this conversation. Especially when considering two things.

One, the Red Sox are absolutely rolling. They’ve won nine of their last ten in a historic run through the seasons first 115 games. A lot of things need to click in a season for your team to remain on track for a 100-plus win season. This leads us to our next consideration being Drew Pomeranz himself. Last season Pomeranz was essentially Boston’s co-ace alongside Chris Sale.

He made 32 starts, won 17 games, and most importantly was consistent. This season however, not so much! Pomeranz has made only 11 starts and we’re in August! Not to mention a putrid earned run average that sits over six. He also averages just a little over 4.0 innings per start. Talk about a bullpen killer! We already know that the Sox bullpen isn’t source you want to rely on if can be avoided. Now to go from 17 wins to only 1! Who knows if the opportunity will come along to add another to that extremely underwhelming column.


The constant and ongoing trend of disappointment continues for third year Red Sox, Drew Pomeranz. This time came against the fourth place Toronto Blue Jays who sit 29.0 games back in the division. Pomeranz failed to exceed 4.2 innings against one of the worst teams the league has to offer right now.

This just adds fuel to a continuous dumpster fire of a season for the veteran left hander. In fact that’s now the ninth of eleven starts in which Pomeranz has failed to remain on the hill for over 5.0 innings. He’s never reached seven mark! In all eleven outings, not once has Drew Pomeranz reached a full 7.0 innings. His longest start has been six in which he’s done on only two occasions.

In an already shorthanded Boston Red Sox pitching staff, Drew Pomeranz isn’t even suitable to make the playoff roster. He’s had the chances with Boston remaining very patient.

Perhaps it’s been because all eyes have been on the team playing .700 ball. However, October is where players are tested and Pomeranz cannot be part of a Red Sox team looking to go deep in playoff baseball.

Drew Pomeranz has the second highest ERA (6.31) of any pitcher on the Red Sox roster. The only pitcher with a higher ERA is lefty Robby Scott (15.43 ERA) who’s only made two appearances for the Red Sox this entire season.

This instantly overwrites any notion of seeing Pomeranz come out of the bullpen. Think about that. Even with the lack of trust that sits in that Boston bullpen, any of those arms are a more reliable option than Drew Pomeranz.

It’s pathetic the effort that Pomeranz has given Boston this season. Lucky for him, being on baseball’s best hitting team (.267 BA, 1st in MLB) has taken eyes off the repulsive 2018 stat-line.

Best case scenario?

Drew Pomeranz doesn’t touch the ball for the rest of the season!

It’s time for Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox to give up on the main who’s failed the team time and time again.