New England Patriots: Tom Brady expects to play in 2019 and beyond

There has been a lot of focus placed on when Tom Brady will retire, but the New England Patriots quarterback has indicated that it will be no time soon.

It looks like New England Patriots fans and the entire NFL will have to deal with the greatness of Tom Brady for at least two more seasons if not beyond.

Already committed to the 2018 season, the 41-year-old quarterback has hinted that he wants to play until he was 45.  While there is no guarantee how his body will hold up with the wear and tear of the NFL, his recent performance on the field at least indicates he has another year or two.

Coming off an MVP season, Brady has a new incentive driven contract to spark his motivation in the 2018 season.  With a questionable receiving group, it could turn out to be his most challenging season ever.  Yes, there was 2006, but Brady was 10 years younger back then.

Why bring up his weapons entering the season?  Well, with the frustration Tom Brady has shown on the practice field, this season could challenge how much how much longer he wants to play the game.  Sure, the motivation is there.  However, we all know that can evaporate pretty quickly, especially if the physical attributes start to decline.

We’ve all seen Peyton Manning and Brett Farve play the game at a high level late in their careers just to watch them fall off the cliff and out of the NFL quickly.  That could happen to Brady and most of the NFL world is anticipating it.  As long as they are anticipating it, the ageless wonder sees it as a challenge to keep playing at a high level.

Great for New England Patriots fans, not so great for the teams waiting for his demise.  Appearing on Kirk & Callahan Tuesday morning, Brady addressed his intentions for 2019 and beyond.

“I certainly expect to be here next year and hopefully beyond,” Brady said, as transcribed by WEEI.  “Like I’ve said, I have goals to play for a long time.  I still love doing it.  I still want to do it, but I am also focused on what I need to do this year.  It’s a tough challenge.  It’s a great challenge.  I have loved it for a long time and I still want to get out there and be the best I can be for our team.”

Fans will get to see how focused Brady is on Thursday night when the team take on the Philadelphia Eagles in a rematch of Super Bowl LII.  The Patriots quarterback confirmed during the radio show that he expects to play.

With all the drama that surrounded Brady and his relationship with Bill Belichick throughout the offseason, his commitment to the team is in the spotlight.  The reconstructed contract for the 2018 season indicates both sides are at least trying to get back on the same page.

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Brady’s play on the field will be the more telling sign of the relationship he has with the team.  Although he knows any one game could end his career, his love for the team and organization has him thriving to win another championship.

How strong that love is will play itself out this season.  If the love has truly faded, we’ll know and so will Tom Brady and his quest to play the game he loves for eternity.