Boston Celtics Rumors: Aron Baynes sure sounds committed to Celtics

With free agency looming, one player who sounds committed to sticking with the Boston Celtics is big man Aron Baynes.

The Boston Celtics will have some intriguing questions answered once July 1 hits and the NBA offseason explodes.

Where will Kyrie Irving go? Will Al Horford opt in?  Will Terry Rozier stick around? What will Marcus Morris do?  Will the Anthony Davis dream become reality?

While those rumors swirl rampantly around the start of the NBA Finals, one question that sounds like a favorable Celtics answer is what Aron Baynes will do once the NBA offseason hits.

Slated to make around $5.4 million if he exercises the player option of the two-year deal he signed last summer, Baynes will probably at least entertain what other opportunities are out there, but it sure seems he’s leaning on finishing what he started in Boston.

Appearing at the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation annual end-of-year carnival at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center last Thursday, the Australian big man took a little time to talk about his future plans.

“I haven’t really thought too much about that,” Baynes said when asked about his player option, as transcribed by Masslive.  “I know my heart’s still here in Boston.  I love Boston.  It’s been great to my family.  There is no better place to play than TD Garden during the playoffs or when you’re in the middle of a comeback.  So, if I’m thinking of that, know where I want to be.  But at the same time I’ve got to talk with Danny.  I’ve got to talk to Brad and see what their thoughts are as well.  I want to be in the right situation.”

With what Aron Baynes brings to the table as a rim protecting big man with toughness and physicality down low, it would appear obvious that both Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens would factor a veteran like Baynes into the plans no matter what transgresses this summer.

As long as Joel Embiid is dominating the East, the Celtics will need Baynes to at least frustrate him.  They also need a player who bleeds green.  When healthy, the big banger has shown his value on the court as a defensive force who could knock down the occasional three-pointer.  Even on the sideline, Aron Baynes has proven his value as the team’s biggest cheerleader.

Aron Baynes is a system guy

Another reason why a player like Aron Baynes is important is because he will do whatever the team needs him to do.

Whether it’s banging down below against players like Joel Embiid, or playing limited minutes against smaller lineups, Baynes is a player who buys into the system Brad Stevens put into place.

Following a disappointing season all the way around for the Boston Celtics, Baynes recently spoke up and told CLNS’ Adam Kaufman that he is a believer in the system Stevens has put in place.

“I definitely think that Brad’s system is great,” Baynes said, via Clutch Sports.  “I’m a big believer in what Brad wants us to do.  I’ve seen how good of a coach he is.  I’ve seen how much he enhances guys abilities when they are playing for him.”

So, what went wrong in 2018-19?  Baynes admitted that the players didn’t buy in as much as they did when they went to the Eastern Conference Finals a year ago without Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving.  Was it a knock on those two stars or just a team that grew over confident that they could get there again by simply stepping on the court?

“I think there were sometimes where we didn’t buy into his system fully and that hurt us,” Baynes continued.  “Because when we did, when we live within Brad’s system both offensively and defensively, we look really good and we did the right things.”

The first five games of the playoffs proved that.  It also proved that the Boston Celtics need more players like Aron Baynes to bring an NBA title back to the city he has grown to admire.