Boston Celtics: Why Jaylen Brown extension is so important

The time has come for Jaylen Brown to get a contract extension and the Boston Celtics need to keep him on the team.

The Boston Celtics have had a lot of turnover in recent years. We have seen that this offseason with the team undergoing some massive changes. Boston could use some consistency.

One player that has shown that he is worth the investment is Jaylen Brown. He could become a major player for the Celtics in seasons to come.

Brown is a great scorer. He is extremely athletic and loves to drive to the rim, but also is able to shoot the ball.

Last season Brown had a slight drop in production, but I blame Kyrie Irving more than I blame Brown. It’s hard to produce when you barely have the ball in your hand.

One of the reasons that the Boston Celtics need to keep Jaylen, is that he isn’t a distraction. Brown will never call out his teammates or act up like Kyrie did last season. He has a good head on his shoulders and will be a leader in the locker room.

This will be an important season whether the Celtics decide to lock him up now or after the season. Brown needs to show what he can do as one of the main players.

Brown should be in the starting lineup. If he is able to average close to 20 points and 5 rebounds a game the Celtics would be in a great place.

I am really excited to see what Jaylen Brown does now that he will be relied upon to score every night. After last season I have more faith in Brown than Gordon Hayward.

Jaylen Brown is the future of the Boston Celtics. That is why the team needs to do everything they can to ensure that he stays with the team for a long time.