New England Patriots: Rex Ryan sets kryptonite for a Patriots explosion

The New England Patriots offense needs to wake up and former NFL coach and nemesis Rex Ryan may have provided the kryptonite to begin the explosion.

The New England Patriots lose a football game and the NFL world overreacts.  Fans of the team are used to this by now, but it still gets nauseating, but at the same time it just fuels a Hall-of-fame coach like Bill Belichick and a competitor like Tom Brady.

So, bring it on, especially if your name is Rex Ryan.

While the former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills coach didn’t have much success knocking the Patriots off of the AFC East pedestal during his coaching days, he is having a blast taking shots at the team’s talent (or lack thereof) whenever the team losses.

Now, Ryan is not the only one taking shots.  Max Kellerman is on his latest Brady has “fallen off the cliff “campaign, but that’s another article.

Following the team’s 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans, the 10-2 Patriots (Yes, 10-2) are being talked about like they are fighting for their playoff lives.  Given the way the Baltimore Ravens are playing right now, perhaps they are if they don’t secure the top seed in the AFC and get their act together offensively.

Despite the offensive issues and Tom Brady’s obvious frustration, is this the worst-coached Bill Belichick team?

Rex Ryan believes so.

Defensively and on Special Teams, Ryan is way off.  However, when talking about the offense, he may have a point with how things have gone since the release of Antonio Brown and heads scratching divorce from Josh Gordon.

Highlighting their lack of talent, Ryan put everything in perspective on Monday on ESPN’s Get Up.

“Whatever Tom Brady has left, because here’s the thing: We talk about their weapons and everything else, but they can’t run the football, and that’s it,” Ryan said, as transcribed by WEEI.  “And they don’t protect the quarterback.  So, to me, it’s you’re out there because you have the greatest of all time, you’ve got the smartest quarterback that’s ever played and the best coach, and so that gives them a chance.  They have to get a bye and they have to play at home.”

Before starting his diatribe on this horrible Patriots roster, Rex Ryan did admit he said the same thing last year before the team ran off and won Super Bowl LIII.  Could he eat his words again?

If Bill Belichick gets a wind of what is being said and relays it to the players (and you know he will), it may just be the wakeup call Tom Brady and the offense needs to start executing and becoming an offense that can at least put up 20-plus points.

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They do have the talent to do so.  They just need to put it all together.  The media is definitely providing the bulletin board material and motivation to bring angry Tom Brady out and get the New England Patriots offense triggering.

Oh, and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels needs to do his part with better play calling.

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