New England Patriots: Examining team’s 6 key free agents

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New England Patriots

New England Patriots  Tom Brady (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

The New England Patriots have a ton of important players hitting the open market and it will be interesting to see who New England brings back and who they will let go.

It is time to forget about the 2019 NFL season. It ended roughly for the New England Patriots and there are definitely a lot of questions heading into the season.

One of the major ones is how will New England deal with their free agents. The team has a total of 20 players that will hit the free market. Among some of these players are key players such as Tom Brady, Devin McCourty, Kyle Van Noy, Matthew Slater, and Phillip Dorsett.

Now it is obvious that the New England Patriots can’t bring everyone back. With Bill Belichick leading the way that is even more likely. He is known for cutting players loose even if it doesn’t make sense to fans.

It seems like we will be seeing a different roster next season. If New England wants to improve you will probably see some fresh faces as well.

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So let’s take a look at New England’s key players who will be hitting the open market this offseason.

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