New England Patriots: Tom Brady thinks just like Pats fans

Tom Brady congratulated Eli Manning on his retirement and proved that he thinks just like New England Patriots fans.

It seems like all of Tom Brady’s former foes are retiring before he does. The New England Patriots quarterback has definitely stood the test of time.

The latest retiree is Eli Manning. A name that a lot of Patriots fans hate bringing up.

Manning and the New York Giants ruined a Patriots perfect season and also took another ring away from Brady a few years later.

The New York Giants and Manning seem like the only people who have been able to crack the code that is the New England Patriots. 

The teams that the Patriots faced weren’t even that special, but the Giants still found a way to come out on top.

Tom Brady decided to congratulate the QB and he made sure to let Manning know that he still wishes that the Patriots won those Super Bowl matchups.

I think all New England Patriots fans can say that we agree with Brady. That loss that ended the perfect season was a punch to the gut.

New England seemed like the team of destiny. Then that helmet catch made me want to throw the remote at my TV. After that, you knew that luck was on the Giants side.

It’s good to see that Tom Brady still has the passion and will to win. It’s almost surprising with how succesful Brady has been in his career, but that must be what makes him so great.

Eli Manning’s retirement just shows how close we are to life without Tom Brady as the New England Patriots quarterback. For all we know that could even happen in 2020.

Hopefully, just like Manning, Tom Brady will spend his entire career with one team. He deserves to be a Patriot for life.

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