Boston Red Sox: New Era somehow ruined team’s hat

New Era released a new line of hats and they did the impossible, they ruined a Boston Red Sox hat.

The Boston Red Sox’s hat is one of the cleanest in MLB. It is really hard to make it look bad, but somehow New Era found a way to do so.

I worked at Lids for almost 2 years so I think we can all agree I am an expert in this area.

New Era is releasing a new line of hats titled the “Team Describe” line. They are the ugliest hats I have ever seen.

The Red Sox hat is a simple but good looking concept. You have the classic Red “B” with the blue hat. You can wear it to a game, a dinner, or a night out with friends. In Massachusetts, you could probably even wear it to a wedding if you wanted.

So what did New Era do? They put the Paul Revere statue on the front of the hat.

You truly need to see this monstrosity to understand how bad this looks.

This is one of the dumbest decisions that New Era has ever made. This looks like one of the hats they try to sell at Fanueil Hall to tourists. I wouldn’t even pay $10 for this hat and they are going to sell it for $40.

Also what is not shown is how there is a lobster roll on the back. Why on Earth would you do this New Era?

I don’t need to be reminded of how a lobster roll costs around 30 dollars at Fenway. You could have at least put a sausage with peppers and onions.

Thankfully these hats won’t be worn on the field. If they did there would be a riot at Fenway Park. 

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So please for the love of God just leave the Boston Red Sox hat as it is. There is no reason to change it.