New England Patriots: Tom Brady once again owns Peyton Manning

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady once again showed why he is a million times better than Peyton Manning in all aspects of life.\

The rivalry between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will never end. The two quarterbacks success will be compared for the rest of time. Once again the New England Patriots quarterback proved why he reigns supreme.

Unlike Brady, Manning is enjoying the riches of retirement. Instead of grinding through an NFL season he is kicking back and probably filming hundreds of commercials.

Still, Manning is a competitor. This time though he is playing golf.

Peyton is participating in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. An event that has many athletes from different sports prove how good (or bad they are at golf).

Manning hit a nice shot that nearly went in the hole but some thought that another quarterback would have been able to sick the shot.

Brady responded and let’s just say that the Patriots quarterback once again bested Manning.

You have to complement Brady on his humbleness. He easily could have said that he was the better golfer but gave credit to Manning. Unlike Brady, Manning has been able to practice a lot more seeing that he isn’t leading an NFL team to the playoffs year in and year out.

This is why Tom Brady has lasted so long in the NFL. He is the ultimate competitor. No matter how long he plays he always wants to get better.

The end of Manning’s career was an absolute dud compared to Brady’s. Brady has lasted much longer and hasn’t lost a step. Manning looked like a shell of himself before he retired.

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Once Brady retires I bet we will see him in these competitions but for now, Brady is focused on winning yet another Super Bowl (hopefully with the New England Patriots).

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