Boston Red Sox: Media wasn’t reason for David Price struggles

Marcus Stroman called out the Boston media but they had no impact on David Price as he caused his own problems with the Boston Red Sox.

When it came to the Boston Red Sox’s trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers, David Price was an afterthought. The only named that mattered to Red Sox fans was Mookie Betts.

But now Price’s name is popping up and he is being accused of throwing shade towards the Red Sox. In a recent interview, he said that LA and Boston are night and day and that he couldn’t be happier with the Dodgers.

I mean what else do you expect him to say. I bet Price is happy in LA but he isn’t trashing Boston. If you don’t realize that the atmosphere in LA and Boston is different you are just oblivious.

Then for some reason, Marcus Stroman decided to give everyone his two cents. The energetic starting pitcher defended his former teammate and blamed the Boston media for questioning his character.

“I’m so excited that David is out of that market because people were trying to question his character,” Stroman recently said, according to USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale. “If you ask anybody that ever met or anyone who’s ever been around David, character has never been an issue. He’s the best teammate I ever had. He continues to be one of the best mentors in my life. It’s comical to me when I read things questioning his character. He’s a role model to every single guy who comes into that clubhouse.

“You watch what he does now going that he’s out of Boston.”

Stroman seems to believe that the media somehow affected Price’s play. If that is true that just means Price can’t handle any pressure. I don’t think he will do any better just because he is in LA.

There are plenty of reasons to question Price’s time in Boston. His Fortnite comments and feud with Dennis Eckersley stand out the most.

But after the 2018 World Series, you couldn’t be mad at the guy. He played a major part in the teams’ success and got the postseason monkey off of his back. Price rightfully gloated to the media and proclaimed that he had all the cards now.

The Boston media can get all over players but Stroman seems to think they are on a whole other level. That must be what happens when you play for the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Mets.

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There is no reason to think that David Price’s play was affected by the media. His play is his fault and no one else’s. I have no idea what Stroman is thinking.


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