New England Patriots: A new generation at quarterback on the way

With Tom Brady taking his talents to Tampa Bay, the New England Patriots are set for a new generation at quarterback.

A report by Weei Radio’s Dale Arnold recently indicated that the New England Patriots may have offered the ALL-TIME BEST quarterback in NFL history, Tom Brady, a one-year contract, below his salary of 2019.

As we now know, this was a, “Goodbye, Tom, nice knowing you” offer from New England. He is now gone.

As someone who had advocated a deal of 3 years and $100M with $65M guaranteed, I think this was a joke of an offer. Brady will be putting on another uniform next season as distasteful and incomprehensible as that seems. The Patriots now have to move on.

Jarrett Stidham or someone else?

New England will need a new starting quarterback. Jarrett Stidham is the most likely man on the scene. My opinion is that inserting Stidham into this current Patriot team is a one-way ride into football mediocrity. How’s it going to feel looking up at Buffalo, Miami and the Jets? Not good.

The Patriots need to add a quarterback in the first round of the April, NFL the draft to avoid instant mediocrity.

An intriguing quarterback who may not require a really high first round pick, is Jalen Hurts of Oklahoma. Colleague William Hyland had a great article on this dual-threat (this is the key) quarterback from Oklahoma. I’m with William in thinking he’d be a great fit for the Patriots.

Key to the next New England Patriots quarterback is pass-run dual threat

With Tom Brady’s decision, however, it is incumbent on the New England Patriots to draft a quarterback who can either immediately or eventually take them into the future.

The key for New England is making sure to get a dual-threat prospect. Offenses are metamorphosing into speed, read, throw or run at the quarterback position. It can be be Hurts or someone else either in the Draft, free agency or both. The NFL has moved on into a new era. The Patriots need to follow suit.

As defenses begin to center on speed and not size as changes in defensive fronts and linebacker clearly show, the Patriots must be ready to counter with a multi-faceted quarterback.

This is absolutely the direction in which the New England Patriots should go in the search for Tom Brady’s successor. And that search begins immediately.