New England Patriots Rumors: Acquiring Zach Ertz would be pure fire

Eagles' Zach Ertz warms up before facing the Seahawks Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.Sports Eagles Seahawks
Eagles' Zach Ertz warms up before facing the Seahawks Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.Sports Eagles Seahawks /

It seems that the New England Patriots didn’t instantly fix their tight end issue in the 2020 NFL draft. An esteemed veteran would benefit this team.

Despite not having the best set of skill position players, the New England Patriots have made it work offensively so far this season. They rank among the top teams in rushing while having a passing attack that has been up and down, which was pretty much the expectation.

There continues to be clamoring for a trade involving a wide receiver or a tight end. Plenty of names have been thrown out there, but perhaps none more intriguing than Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz.

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Ertz appears to be unhappy with his situation in Philly. It’s clear that he wants a contract extension, but there has been no progress made on that front.

Ertz is also having a down year statistically for an Eagles team that is struggling.

I find it hard to believe that Ertz has lost a step before the age of 30. More likely, his lack of production is a result of defenses committing to stopping him due to the fact that the Eagles are pretty banged up on offense right now.

Ertz has been one of the best tight ends in the NFL for a few seasons now. Perhaps all he needs is a change of scenery, and the Patriots would be a fit.

Yes, the Patriots spent two draft picks on tight ends, but it’s widely known at this point that tight ends typically need a season or two to develop before becoming starter material.

It’s not that Devin Asiasi or Dalton Keene should be cast aside already, but Asiasi barely sees the field and Keene hasn’t played a single down yet due to injury. It doesn’t appear that these two are ready to see a significant snap count on a consistent basis.

With those two both being non-factors, that leaves us with… Ryan Izzo. I’m sure Ryan is a stand-up guy, but he’s not exactly striking fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators.

If the Patriots want to have more success on offense, they need a guy like Ertz. Not only is he an immediate upgrade over what they currently have at tight end, but this is a player who was at one point considered elite.

Assuming he didn’t just become washed up overnight, acquiring Ertz could really make this offense dynamic.

Zach Ertz isn’t the type of tight end who would make a huge difference in the run game, but does he really have to? The Patriots already have one of the best rushing attacks in football, but it’s the passing game that could use a boost. Ertz is as good a route runner as there is at his position and has reliable hands on top of that.

It’s the perfect time to trade for Ertz given the fact that his value isn’t exactly high at the moment. The Patriots have the cap room for it and Ertz also has another year left on his current contract, so the Patriots could still cut ties in the offseason or keep him around for 2021.

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The New England Patriots would have a really fun offense to watch if they add another playmaker, and Zach Ertz makes a lot of sense.