Boston Celtics: The Marcus Smart effect

Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images) /

Marcus Smart’s injury was a big hit for the Boston Celtics.

On January 30 the  Celtics took on the Lakers and late in the fourth quarter Marcus Smart was injured. The result of this has left Smart sidelined for two to three weeks.

The loss of Marcus Smart has resulted in a long list of issues for Brad Stevens and the Celtics. Smart is considered a defensive anchor for the C’s, and without him there have been serious discrepancies within the defensive rotation.

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The C’s need to begin using their strong defensive schemes to exemplify successful and timely rotations around the perimeter.

The Marcus Smart effect for the Boston Celtics

What the Celtics are lacking right now is the leadership that Marcus Smart offers. Smart is one of the best defensive guards in the entire NBA. He can guard any guard and stand his ground against the big men. Smart has an energy and a drive that is contagious for any guy on his team.

Smart is without a doubt the defensive anchor and leader for the Boston Celtics. He not only shows an unmatched effort, but he has a defensive IQ that is unparalleled to anyone on the Celtics’ roster, better yet, the entire league.

Smart knows when to switch, when to steal, when to go for a charge, and when to push his teammates to be better. His leadership on the defensive side of the court makes his team better.

Though Smart isn’t the most skilled offensive guard, he is a floor general. He helps direct plays and facilitate the Boston Celtics offense. Even when he isn’t on the court fans can see Smart shouting toward the court in order to get the message to the players in the game.

Without Marcus Smart, the Celtics need a leader on the defensive end of the court. They need a show-stopping defenseman that can give off a fraction of the leadership that Marcus Smart provides.

Jaylen Brown needs to be the guy. Brown is a very great two-way shooting guard and small forward. He can score and play lockdown defense. Not only is he a great all-around player, but he is also a very smart player.

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Marcus Smart being out is a blessing in disguise for the Boston Celtics.

The silver lining for the Celtics is that this injury would allow for Jaylen Brown to step up into the leadership role he is prepared for. It is only a question of if he is ready to step up in a way that the Green need.