New England Patriots: 3 reasons why Patriots best signing is an offensive lineman

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New England Patriots

Trent Brown (77) Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The best signing of the New England Patriots to-date may not be who you think it is. It’s a player who plays on an unheralded but critically important unit.

That unit is the offensive line and that player is … Trent Brown. I can hear the criticisms toppling down for this opinion.

New England’s splash in free agency was impressive at least for its aggressiveness. The jury is still out, of course, on how well it will work on the field. We’ll know that this fall.

Yet, if the Patriots intend to get back to RELEVANCE and hopefully dominance once again in the AFC EAST, the AFC, and the NFL in its entirety, free agency was a good sign.

Yet, an even better one was the trade for Brown.

For veteran New England Patriots fans, the Era of dominance under the Tom Brady Patriots was one of unequaled excellence. To say we were spoiled is a gross understatement.

Why the New England Patriots signing of Trent Brown is so important

That run was unprecedented. Too bad it didn’t last a few more years. It could have. Yet, Brown contributed mightily to that last New England Super Bowl win after the 2018 season.

And, unless your years take you back to the almost surreal era of Boston Celtics greatness championed by the unsurpassed Bill Russell, you’ve never seen anything like it before.

That era was punctuated by annual championships, even surpassing the excellence of the Patriots over their recent 20-year span. If the Celtics didn’t win a title every year, it was a disappointing historical aberration.

But, getting back to the Patriots, why is the trade for Trent Brown so important? Let’s center on three major aspects as to why his acquisition is so important.

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