New England Patriots: 3 draft strategies Robert Kraft would love

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New England Patriots

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Bob Kraft’s frank expose of the New England Patriots poor drafting over the past several years was a revelation.

Finally, he understands.

Mock drafts are fun, but as stated previously, they are pretty much worthless. And so are pro days in trying to handicap whom your team will pick. And in the past, that was certainly evident.

But with the recent groundbreaking admission by Robert Kraft concerning the Patriots draft failures of recent years (it goes back far longer than that, however) it will certainly be interesting to see how New England and Bill Belichick conduct themselves later this month.

The changes in the New England Patriots drafting we may see come 2021 NFL Draft

Kraft thinks change is in order, and if Bill Belichick and his new Director of Personnel, Dave Ziegler got the message, there’ll be some changes made. There should be.

Just don’t try to handicap who they’ll pick. Unless there’s a revolution in Foxborough, it will still be virtually impossible.

The bizarre Patriots draft strategy revealed by Mike Reiss of ESPN as a previous article explained is a good indication of why the Patriots past drafting was so ghastly. If the strategy is wrong, the results will be sorry. And the strategy was goofy.

It resulted in what it seems was the trading up of draft picks (almost to get rid of them?) to get one of the few players who fit the “Patriots’ profile”, or whatever they called it. Whatever this list was, it was bonkers.

The list evidently was so restrictive that out of 1,000 – maybe 1,200 available players, the Patriots, evidently running out of players who “qualified” even fairly early in the 2020 draft, prompting them to trade up and send out additional picks to secure two tight ends.

Combined they caught five passes. It’s time for a new system.

There are several changes that may eventuate from Kraft’s comment that the Patriots recent drafts left a lot to be desired. Here are three of them.

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