New England Patriots: Chase Winovich makes statement against Eagles

New England Patriots Chase Winovich (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images)
New England Patriots Chase Winovich (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images) /

New England Patriots edge player Chase Winovich made a statement of intent against the Eagles as he seeks to lock up a position on the squad. And it was an emphatic one at that.

Winovich was somewhat called out (by one of his biggest supporters, no less) to deliver the goods this season for the Patriots. Why not; he was highly touted after all.

And, it was gratifying to see him do just that against the Eagles in a pre-season game. The question remains, can he do it against the iron in a regular-season game? We’ll see.

How New England Patriots Chase Winovich made a definitive statement against the Eagles

But the good news is that Winovich had two sacks against the Birds, five tackles, and a tackle for a loss. That’s what Patriots fans are looking for from the Michigan product.

He was a major spearhead of the Patriots’ defense against an Eagles’ offense that had few answers although, in fairness, it was just their substitutes.

Yet, Winovich still answered a lot of questions. Against an inferior opponent, he did what you’re supposed to do; dominate. Now he just has to do the same when the real games begin.

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Look, this writer has to admit a bias. Chase was a favorite before the 2019 draft, was ecstatic after the Patriots drafted him, and saw great things from him in the future, as well. Full disclosure.

The New England Patriots have rarely disappointed me with their draft selections. Chase Winovich was one such selection who didn’t disappoint at all. In fact, he was a very solid pick. This writer seriously wanted them to select Winovich in the 2019 draft.

The second round would have been just fine, yet, they were able to secure his services in the third. It was thought here to be a steal.

That pick was greeted with great surprise and jubilation here. And, Winovich as a rookie, did not disappoint at all.

He came as advertised. Great motor, really good pass rusher, and strong off the edge. Super. He was just what the languid Patriots’ pass rush required.

And he delivered a solid five and a half sacks that season. That was just fine and the expectations were high for the following season.

New England Patriots’ Chase Winovich disappointed in his second season

They didn’t materialize. He slightly improved his quarterback hits and tackles for loss, but he only matched the five and a half sacks of his rookie season.

Winovich seemed to flounder and not make any real significant improvement as head coach Bill Belichick says should be the case for second-year players. Disappointing to his fans.

But last week against the birds the old, and hopefully the real, Chase Winovich re-appeared. He was a menace to the Eagles and showed what had been hoped for when he was drafted.

The remaining question now is, will he be able to sustain that same level of effort and excellence this week against the New York Giants and in the regular season, if he has that opportunity.

Speculation still abounds about his possible availability in a trade. Here’s what a NESN report said,

"So, if linebacker does prove to be a position of depth, could the Patriots move on from Winovich? Appearing Sunday on WEEI, NFL Media’s Mike Giardi was asked who he thought was most likely to get traded between Winovich, Sony Michel, N’Keal Harry and Stephon Gilmore.He went with Winovich."

Now, Mike Giardi is indeed an “insider”.  So this has to be troubling for Chase Winovich fans. And maybe it also should be to the player.

Winovich made a point of saying recently, he has “bought in” to the Patriot way. That’s interesting. I’d say that’s advisable. What will eventually happen, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see.

Another strong effort against the Giants in what may be the closest thing to a real game in pre-season that we’ll see (we can guess), and he may just cement his place on the team.

Next. Mac Jones only has to be as good as 2001 Tom Brady. dark

If not, he’ll help up his trade value for someone else. One might speculate that a trade of Winovich coupled with maybe Sony Michel could land a very nice wide receiver, indeed. Who knows?

In any event, one thing is certain. If he continues to make statements like the one he did against the Eagles, unless a blockbuster return is on the way, Chase Winovich isn’t going anywhere.