New England Patriots have a good problem; two top quarterbacks

Jul 28, 2021; Foxborough, MA, United States; New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (50) watches New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton (1) during training camp at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 28, 2021; Foxborough, MA, United States; New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (50) watches New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton (1) during training camp at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports /

The New England Patriots have a good problem on their hands that few teams can boast of. They have two top quarterbacks to choose from in Cam Newton and Mac Jones.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that both of them are starting level quarterbacks and capable of good to great things in 2021. Both are favorites in this space.

Each has had a blistering start in the two pre-season games. Newton is showing off his MVP quality, sporting a hefty 75 percent completion rate and Jones is at a very respectable 68 percent.

New England Patriots two quarterbacks provide security for a possible playoff-bound team

It doesn’t get too much better than that and absent some very glaring drops of quite catchable balls, these statistics would be even better.

Neither percentage is anything to sneeze at. Newton was on fire against the Philadelphia Eagles second-team and Jones was also very effective in blanking the birds in their home stadium.

How sweet that was! And while it was indeed against the backups, let’s not forget that the Patriots’ backups also played the most prominent part in that shellacking.

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What has become increasingly clear is that the New England Patriots have a wealth of talent at the quarterback position.

The presumptive starter on September 12th against the Miami Dolphins remains the accomplished veteran, the former MVP Cam Newton.

He has been highly touted in this space for his heroic 2020 season. He deserves top accolades for what he did last season. It was a Promethean effort worthy of praise, not disparagement.

With all the challenges he faced, including contracting COVID-19, Newton put the less than talented 2020 Patriots on his back with little help at all.

The result was nonetheless close to a nine and seven record (absent two obtuse play calls) and a possible playoff berth.

All that was accomplished with a poor wide receiver complement after star Julian Edelman went out with an injury(ies) and essentially no tight end support whatsoever.

Thankfully, national commentators like ESPN’s Max Kellerman are trumpeting that fact to a very wide audience, indeed. Max is to be commended for saying it like it was.

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In addition, Newton has hardly used perhaps his greatest strength, his running ability, or even the threat of the run hardly at all in the pre-season.

It’s there though, and a healthy Newton, which he seemingly, is can ruin your day on the ground. He led the New England Patriots last season with 12 rushing touchdowns..

It was hard to believe one commentator recently noted that threat factor. It’s one of his greatest assets. The threat of a run keeps defenses honest and opens up the field for quality receivers.

Yet, it still remains uncertain whether the team knows exactly how to deploy an RPO quarterback at all.

Another plus, rookie Mac Jones is also RPO-proficient himself. Will they use that feature? We’ll see against Miami.

New England Patriots Cam Newton and Mac Jones are a fearsome duo

In addition, now the New England Patriots have a young slinger in Mac Jones who will be making a dozen or so clubs regret their draft decisions in 2021. Jones is lighting up the pre-season.

It is quite obvious that Mac Jones is the real deal. He is displaying the all-around quarterbacking skills that were on display at the college level in 2020 at the NFL level now.

Last season he led Alabama to the FBS collegiate national championship, yet he was the fifth quarterback taken in the 2021 draft. Now, the other quarterbacks are all talented, yet it’s becoming increasingly clear that the most NFL-ready of the bunch may very well be Mac Jones.

This writer is looking forward to seeing Jones with the first-teamers as most of his terrific exploits to date have been with the backups. Conclusion? This could get even better, folks.

Since Cam Newton will likely start, Mac Jones will have the luxury to wait, watch, and learn from the former NFL MVP. Cam Newton has a lot to prove and he’s ready to rock and roll in 2021.

Expect big things from Cam Newton and this revamped and revitalized team, thanks to Mr. Robert Kraft’s cash and some exceptionally and unusually astute drafting.

Yet, should his chance arrive due to injury, or whatever, keep this in mind, Mac Jones is ready right now to start for and lead the New England Patriots if called upon.

New England Patriots fans may very well be seeing the genesis of another great quarterback emerging over the next season or two. Absent injury it looks clear to me.

Thus, having two top quarterbacks available for a team that has a playoff or nothing focus after an uncharacteristically poor season, is a great attribute indeed in the rough-and-tumble NFL.

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Expect Cam Newton to start and if he is injured, Mac Jones will be at the ready. From both, expect good if not great things.

Welcome back New England Patriots, the winning New England Patriots. The expectations here are that this will be a wing-ding of a season. This team is now loaded with talent.