Boston Red Sox: Eric Hosmer bring competency to the first base position

Boston Red Sox. (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)
Boston Red Sox. (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images) /

The Boston Red Sox needed a first baseman. There was no secret about that. Bobby Dalbec wasn’t getting the job done. The Franchy Cordero first base experiment was an absolute disaster. But now all of that is finally over as Eric Hosmer will now be the new Red Sox first baseman.

Yesterday afternoon, the Red Sox traded for Hosmer from the San Diego Padres. Along with Hosmer, the Red Sox also acquired prospect infielder Max Ferguson and prospect outfielder Corey Rosier. The Red Sox sent back  Groome as part of the trade.

The Boston Red Sox have an actual first baseman in Eric Hosmer

The biggest hole the Red Sox had going into the deadline was first base. Sure, an outfielder or some bullpen arms would’ve been nice too. But first base was the black hole. Hosmer now takes care of that for this Red Sox team.

Sure, the power numbers aren’t where they used to be when Homer was in Kansas City and his beginning part of being a San Diego Padre. But he serves as a respectable left-handed hitter in the Red Sox lineup.

Plus, you don’t have to worry anymore about routine fly balls and ground balls being botched on a consistent basis. Hosmer serves as a stable infielder in that sense.

He also went to the same high school as Red Sox prospect Triston Casas. So he could serve as a mentor to the young Red Sox top prospect.

The Boston Red Sox are barely paying Eric Hosmer

This is the key to the Eric Hosmer deal.

Hosmer was owed a good amount of money over the next three years with the Padres. Look at what the Red Sox are paying Hosmer compared to what the Padres will be paying him through the 2025 season.

The Red Sox will pay Hosmer about 2.5 million dollars through four seasons, if he finishes those seasons in Boston of course. The Padres are paying the new Red Sox first baseman 44 million dollars to play elsewhere. Pretty sweet deal for the Red Sox and Hosmer here!

That’s why Hosmer is here. It isn’t because Hosmer was the absolute best option for this Red Sox team moving forward. But it’s because the Red Sox don’t have to pay the guy big money to be here. That’s a Chaim Bloom special right there! Trying to get the best of a deal that isn’t overly expensive.

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The bottom line is that the Red Sox took care of a glaring need. Yes, you got worse at catcher with the trade of Christian Vázquez to the Houston Astros. But you can maybe get him back in free agency this winter while getting controllable contracts going forward.

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So welcome to Boston, Eric Hosmer! Thank you for not accepting a trade to the Washington Nationals. That opened the door for this to all go down.

Hopefully, he’ll ease some Red Sox fans minds about first base until Casas is ready to take over the position on a permanent basis.