NFL Rumors: Kliff Kingsbury has Patriots written all over him

The off-season is officially here for the New England Patriots and the biggest question they have facing them is: what will they do for offensive changes?

It’s very clear the offense was the achilles heel of the Patriots for most of 2022. Sure, we can have the argument about Cam Achord and the special teams unit. But the offense was definitely way more noticeable.

One name that has surfaced around is Kliff Kingsbury.

Kingsbury was fired by the Cardinals after finishing 4-13 this past season, one year after signing a contract extension. The former Cardinals head coach will be paid by Arizona through 2027.

With Kingsbury getting his salary from a different team, could Kingsbury be the answer in New England for offensive coordinator?

New England Patriots would have an experienced OC in Kliff Kingsbury

One of the reasons that Matt Patricia was so heavily criticized was because of his lack of experience coaching on the offensive side of the ball. That would be the exact opposite case should the Patriots choose to bring in Kingsbury as OC.

Kingsbury definitely has his fair share of experience on the offensive side of the football. He was the offensive quality control coach at the University of Houston in 2008-2009, before being promoted to OC and quarterbacks coach from 2010-2011. We then saw Kingsbury as Texas A&M’s OC with Johnny Manziel winning the Heisman trophy in 2012.

He then took over at Texas Tech where he was able to coach Patrick Mahomes and run the show from 2013-2018. Then obviously, he was Arizona’s head coach from 2019-2022.

Point being, the man has worked with good quarterbacks before. Manziel and Mahomes put up big numbers in college under Kingsbury’s guidance. I know it’s college, but doing it twice at two different DI colleges isn’t an accident!

Imagine if Kingsbury could take Mac Jones under his wing and actually let Jones play the way he should’ve in 2022? That could be fun to watch!

Patriots wouldn’t have to pay Kliff Kingsbury much money

Like I mentioned earlier, the Cardinals have to pay their former head coach through 2027. You think that wouldn’t be something that the Patriots would love to consider as they make offensive changes for next season?

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The Patriots like to find the bargains. This is about as big of a bargain as you could ever dream of in the NFL. Getting a solid offensive mind and having another team give him a majority of his salary? That’s music to your ears if you’re a Patriots fan.

The bottom line with the Patriots and Kliff Kingsbury

It looks as though the Patriots and Kliff Kingsbury could be a match made in heaven.

Whatever it takes to get a guy like Kingsbury into New England to run this offense, DO IT!

If that means letting a Bill O’Brien or a Kingsbury run the whole show offensively, let it happen. Let them get the offense to a point where it’s even as good as your defense, if possible. Getting Kliff Kingsbury in the picture would be a good start to an off-season full of questions.

So what are you waiting for Bill? Time’s ticking.