New England Patriots: A shoutout to Boston media for keeping it real

The New England Patriots are covered by some of the top writers and sports radio and TV commentators in the nation. One thing is clear, the best are really distinguishing themselves this offseason.

It’s one thing to cover a team and walk on eggshells to try to remain in the good graces of  Patriots’ bosses, i.e. Bill Belichick and their other coaches, owner Robert Kraft, and the players themselves.

It’s quite another to challenge the New England Patriots decisions which can range from questionable, to head-scratching, to downright inexplicable.

Now this space takes the team to task fairly frequently for decisions that seem not only questionable but at times downright confounding. It is what it is.

The difference is that this space’s livelihood doesn’t depend on the good graces of the team. In the case of these Boston media stars, however, they are potentially liable to be shunned or worse by the team if they step “out of line”.

Nevertheless, they tell it like it is. That takes courage and more and it’s time for all of us to take our hats off to these intrepid reporters.

Reporters on the New England Patriots are stepping up big-time this offseason

In full disclosure, this space has an affinity for several media people who cover the New England Patriots. Just so happens that these guys are some of those who have and are distinguishing themselves dramatically this offseason with their objective analysis of the team’s moves thus far.

These superstars include Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry of NBC Sports, Mike Felger (a long-time favorite here) from WEEI, Greg Bedard of Greg Bedard’s Patriots Podcast, and Andrew Callahan of the Boston Herald.

Boston and New England Patriots sports fans hopefully appreciate just how good we have it here with our Patriot reporters/commentators. These individuals and others have stepped up big-time and called it like it is on the Patriots free agency moves thus far in this critical 2023 off-season.

Here’s an example of the type of commentary that deserves kudos from all of us from NBC Sports great, Tom E. Curran,

“I just think there’s a very cavalier attitude that we see seeping continuously from Bill Belichick’s office,” Curran said. “Meanwhile, the ownership group is pounding the table and saying, ‘We’re urgent here,’ and Bill is saying, ‘Eh, we’ll cobble it together with the coaching staff. Eh, you know what, we’ve got $ 30 million (in cap space), what are we gonna do? We’ll get Calvin Anderson.'”

That’s impressive candor and an example of professionalism in reporting of the highest caliber that “tells it like it is” folks.

Journalistic integrity in reporting on the New England Patriots

This and numerous other examples from the personalities mentioned and others can be cited that exhibit extraordinary “journalistic integrity”. defines journalistic integrity this way,

A journalist with integrity can’t be bought, swayed, or influenced. They do not accept favours, bribes, or promises. They are free from any chains that could prevent them from shining a light in dark places, digging where others don’t, and holding the powerful to account.

“Holding the powerful to account” may mean calling out or challenging the Patriots’ ownership, coaches, executives, players, and any others who might influence their reporting.

That brief description aptly portrays how Patriot Nation benefits greatly from these and other top journalists in the Greater Boston area.

New England Patriots fans are fortunate to have the quality of these individuals available to us. We should all appreciate this job well done. It’s very much appreciated here.