Boston Bruins: Drugs Not a Concern for Players


Boston Bruins players were asked on Wednesday about a report that came out on Monday from TSN Canada about alleged cocaine use throughout the league. The report highlights the growing concern for cocaine use around the league and that the NHL and NHLPA are working to create a stronger drug policy. The report came as a surprise to fans, players and league owners.

Report: NHL acknowledges more players using cocaine

After one of the final practices before they open up their season on Thursday night against Winnipeg, Boston Bruins players were asked by reporters about the report and whether it was a concern within their dressing room.

Zdeno Chara has faith that the league and players union will find a way to combat the issue.

"I’m sure they’re going to do whatever they can to address the issues and make the players aware of it and make the league clean.”"

Meanwhile Bruins coach Claude Julien believes that his team does not have a drug problem, but even he admitted he can’t be 100% sure of that. “I haven’t seen any signs of any issues here. It doesn’t mean I’m 100 percent right, but at some point we would notice certain things, and right now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we continue to be a team that’s pretty clean.”

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Obviously this is a huge issue right now and something that the NHL does not want being the focal point with their season opening up this week. I’m sure every fan base that hosts a NHL city is looking at their group of players and determining whether ‘this’ player did drugs or ‘that’ player did drugs.

Not to sound like a homer, but taking an honest look on this roster is there anyone that sticks out as someone who you could even suspect of doing drugs?

Chara? No.

Bergeron? No.

Krejci? No.

Rask? No.

While you can never be sure, I do not think the Bruins are at the forefront of the league’s drug use.


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