New England Patriots Should Trade for Cordarrelle Patterson


While they have mostly been minor deals, the New England Patriots have been active on the trade front this season. Keshawn Martin, Michael Williams and Jonathan Bostic all look like solid additions who can make a difference for the team in a complementary role.

Another possible addition would be Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, whose name is being mentioned as a possible trade candidate around the league. In particular, Benjamin Allbright, who has seemed to have some inside NFL information in the past, is mentioning the Vikings having interest in trading Patterson.

After a strong start to his career as a rookie with the Vikings in 2013, Patterson has recently fallen out of favor in Minnesota. A former first round pick (29th overall), Patterson has seemingly unlimited upside, but he has never been able to put it all together on the field. With his poor route running skills and inconsistent hands mostly to blame.

Despite his obvious issues on the field, Patterson is a strong talent. He has an impressive combination of size (6-foot-2, 216 pounds), speed and natural athleticism that will always be fun to dream on. Patterson does sometimes look lost, but with the ball in his hands, he has the talent to make some serious damage.

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The Patriots are in a much better spot than the Vikings to put Patterson in a position to succeed. With Tom Brady throwing him the ball, while Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman take a majority of the attention from the defense, Patterson would be left alone to make plays a lot of the time.

Also, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is one of the brightest minds in the entire game. If anyone can scheme a way to get Patterson involved in an offense, it is McDaniels.

All of this being said, Patterson is still unlikely to ever reach his full potential. His skills are elite, but he never seems to be able to put it all together. The Patriots would undoubtedly be a better situation for him to succeed, but it would be up to Patterson to make the fit work.

However, for the Patriots, the risk is worth it. The Vikings will likely give up Patterson for very little on the trade market, and his skills translate to the New England offense very well.

He is unlikely to ever reach it, but Patterson’s natural talent and athleticism is incredibly intriguing. Who knows, perhaps they can finally find that deep threat they have been missing for many years?

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