Patriots’ Jamie Collins Jumps Over Everyone for Block (Video)


Folks around Boston already know, but the rest of the country is starting to take notice. New England Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins is one of the most talented players in the entire NFL, and scary combination of skills are coming together to form one of the best defensive players in the league.

Collins is an extremely fast and athletic player for the linebacker position, and he is using his skills at an extremely high level now. He is a dynamic pass rusher, strong run defender and arguably the best coverage linebacker in the entire NFL.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski‘s comments about Collins has always kind of stuck to me. “He’s (Collins) a freak,” Gronkowski told Phil Perry of CSNNE. “He’s fast, he’s long and he’s strong. He plays the game of football how it should be. He knows how to hit, he knows hot to cover. He’s and overall great player so it’s great going against guys like him. It makes you compete and gets you better.

An obvious physical freak on the field himself, those comments from Gronkowski were a huge praise for Collins, and he has not disappointed so far this year. How frustrating must it be for other NFL teams that the player in the league who probably matches-up best with Gronkowski is roaming around and making plays in the Patriots’ defense? Gronk’s biggest man-to-man challenge comes in practice against Collins.

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Collins finished up another impressive game on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. He now has 22 tackles, 3.5 sacks and three forced fumbles on the season, all while playing incredible pass defense as well.

Collins was a huge impact on the Patriots’ defense as usual, but his most impressive physical play came late in the fourth quarter on a special team’s play. The Colts scored a late touchdown to get within seven points. They were still a successful onside kick and another touchdown away from winning the game with only 1:19 to play, but not an impossible feat to overcome.

On the ensuing extra point, Collins timed the snap perfectly, made an impressive leap over the middle of the offensive line, and easily blocked the extra point attempt from Adam Vinatieri An incredible physical play from an incredible player. See, and enjoy it for yourself:

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