Patriots: RB LeGarrette Blount Becoming Team’s Closer


He may not have the Hall of Fame pedigree of a Tom Brady, the elite combination of skills of a Rob Gronkowski or even the highlight reel quickness and escape-ability of a Dion Lewis, but LeGarrette Blount is proving to be an incredibly important part of the New England Patriots’ offense.

Blount was a force to be reckoned with on Sunday night, rushing for 93 yards on only 16 carries (5.8 yards per carry average) against the Indianapolis Colts. Blount scored twice in the Week 6 contest, the first on a 38-yard rush in the second quarter to give the Patriots a 17-14 lead, and the second an 11-yard fourth quarter touchdown reception to pretty much sew away the win for the Patriots.

Lewis has burst onto the scene this season, and has turned himself into a dynamic option for the Patriots at the running back position. Lewis is an incredible quick and elusive player who can seemingly make anyone miss, anywhere on the field. He has become a force for the Patriots, both as a runner and receiver out of the backfield.

Despite Lewis’ success, do not forget about what Blount can do for the team. While the smaller Lewis has taken most of the headlines, Blount has quietly rushed for 249 yards and four touchdowns (not counting the receiving score from Sunday) on 49 carries through four games. The big and powerful sixth-year veteran is averaging an impressive 5.1 yards per carry.

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Blount is showing the Patriots that they can trust him to pick up yardage in any situation. In particular, the Patriots are turning to their power back to slam the door shut on their opponents.

Similar to a closer in baseball, Blount comes in with the Patriots leading in the second half, and bull-dozes his way to first down after first down to bleed the clock. Blount still does his damage in the first half, but with the defense tiring late in the game, he seems to be even more effective using his massive power and sneaky quickness.

Lewis is the more exciting player in the Patriots’ backfield, but let’s not forget about Blount. He is a talented back who deserves plenty of credit for the early season success of the Patriots’ offense.

There is already enough for the defense to worry about when the Patriots have the ball, but when Blount comes in to pound it away in the second half, forget about it.

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