Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz discussing Hayward sign-and-trade for Crowder

BOSTON, MA - MAY 2: Jae Crowder
BOSTON, MA - MAY 2: Jae Crowder /

The Boston Celtics will have Gordon Hayward on their 2017 roster, but he now may come as part of a sign-and-trade that sends Jae Crowder to the Utah Jazz.

The Boston Celtics pending signing of Gordon Hayward meant the end to Kelly Olynyk’s career in green. It will likely mean a number of other Celtics careers will be ending, and Jae Crowder could be next.

Reports surfaced Wednesday that the Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics are now discussing a sign-and-trade for Gordon Hayward. The trade would benefit both sides, as Utah could add their new small forward while Boston sheds some salary that is needed to add Hayward.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Hayward himself would have to agree to a sign-and-trade.

Rest easy Celtics fans, Hayward will be in Boston this season. A sign-and-trade contract is worded in such a way that the contract is voided if the trade does not happen. So, that means if Hayward signs a contract with the Jazz, and then the trade falls through, he’s a free agent again and would sign with Boston.

Jae Crowder seems to be the logical piece to include. Utah will need to replace Hayward at the small forward position, and Crowder can fill that void. It’s also possible that a few more players get included in the trade.

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Aside from Crowder, shooting guards Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart also appear to be on the trading block. Boston could include either of those two players in the trade, while also looking to add another player themselves. The Celtics would likely want a big power forward or center, so Derrick Favors could be an option. Boston could also ask Utah for a future draft pick.

Reports earlier in the day also indicated that the Memphis Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol could also be an option as a center.

A sign-and-trade makes sense on both ends, but Utah has the most to gain. That’s why the Celtics could look to ask for more than just Hayward, even if they’re only sending Crowder to the Jazz.

The Celtics will be able to find a trade partner for Crowder somewhere, so it’s up to the Jazz if they want to gain something as they lose their superstar.

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I personally believe this is a deal that should get done, and it could come within the next day or two. Either way, it seems like Jae Crowder will not play for Boston this season, which is okay with me because they now have a true superstar to fill his role on the court.