Why the Boston Red Sox should not make a trade for a third baseman

BOSTON, MA - JUNE 25: Tzu-Wei Lin
BOSTON, MA - JUNE 25: Tzu-Wei Lin /

Third base has been the most disappointing position for the Boston Red Sox this season. Even so, a mid-season trade isn’t the answer.

I’m not usually the type of person that chooses to sit back on my assets and see how everything plays out. I was very supportive of the huge spending spree by the Boston Red Sox this offseason.

Now, as the All-Star break gives us all a reason to look back at the first half of the season, I realize that the Sox don’t have much to worry about.

Earlier in the season, when the hot corner seemed to curse any Red Sox that set foot there, I was looking forward to a new face. Between injuries and the combination of third basemen having both butter fingers and matchsticks for bats, it was the black hole bringing the team down.

Then came the combo of Deven Marrero and Tzu-Wei Lin.  Though unexpected, Marrero and Lin have both shown they can do everything that the Red Sox need at third. Well, minus hitting for power.

TORONTO, ON – JULY 1: Deven Marrero
TORONTO, ON – JULY 1: Deven Marrero /

Marrero is fielding a .967 percentage in 318 innings on the left side. His batting stats aren’t anything to write home about with a .225 batting average in 129 at bats, but it’s better than nothing.

Lin has possibly been even more impressive after a surprise call up from double-A. In 15 games so far, Lin has really made a name for himself, hitting .333 with two triples and three three-hit games.

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Though not much of a power threat, Lin has the speed and athletic ability to effectively have power. He has also shown promise as a utility player, having a 1.000 fielding percentage in 104 innings, 40 at third base.

Trade Negatives

Every trade has upsides and downsides.

Most recently, Martin Prado has been in the news as a possible trade target for the Boston Red Sox. At 33 years old, age isn’t much of a factor, seeing as Rafael Devers will likely be the long term replacement when deemed ready.

The biggest problem with a trade for Prado, or anyone really, would be cost vs. gain.

Prado would mainly be added as a bat, seeing as how well Lin and Marrero have played in the field. The problem is, Lin hits for a better average, and Marrero has more home runs on the year.

Prado has also had an injury riddled season so far. Picking up his $28.5 million contract could end up as a sunk cost if his injuries continue.

For any other trade target, the question is the  same. Just take a look at Pablo Sandoval.

Panda was a huge acquisition for the Sox and has had virtually no positive impact on the team. You just never know.

At least with Marrero and Lin, with other possibilities looking to come back from the DL, we know their potential.

Final Thoughts

Yes, either of them could have their hot streaks end. Baseball is an unpredictable sport, even with the incredible amount of statistics we like to take.

Remember this: quick fixes don’t always turn out to be so.

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The Boston Red Sox should play it safe and save their money. They should stick with the impressive, if inexperienced third basemen already in the system.