Tom Brady: New England Patriots ‘have to do something’ about 0-1 start


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t like starting the season 0-1, addresses team’s urgency to do something about it.

Tom Brady has yet to win a game in his 40s.  The New England Patriots quarterback joined Kirk & Callahan on Monday to talk about Thursday night’s 42-27 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The defending Super Bowl champions lacked the usual competitive edge in the fourth quarter of that game.  Brady touched on that lack of competitiveness in his comments following the game.  Of course, those comments were revisited during his appearance.

"“Well, I just felt like we needed to be better, obviously in a lot of areas,” Brady said, via WEEI.  “We played pretty competitively for three quarters and then just got away from us in the fourth quarter.  Everyone has kind of had a chance to think about the game and think about what they need to do better.  Hopefully we can get back to work this week.”"

An urgent matter

Brady noted that the team needed more “urgency” as well as attitude, two things the team is sure to work on throughout the week and insert into the Week 2 matchup against the New Orleans Saints.


After all, this team is 0-1 and suddenly find themselves in desperate need of a win.  This is unfamiliar territory for a team with a recent history of bouncing back from these types of losses.  When ask if Thursday’s loss was similar to opening week losses in past years in which they went on to win the Super Bowl, Tom Brady said there was no comparison but did elaborate on how the loss can help the team focus.

"“Any time you lose I don’t think it’s a great thing,” Brady said.  “I think you can learn a lot from every game.  There’s definitely some losses you learn more from because you are critical in areas maybe you wouldn’t be critical had you won, or the emotion of the game, or the emotion of a win wouldn’t allow you to critically analyze something the way you would when you lose.”"

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Taking the offensive

As dire as the final outcome of the game was, the Patriots were a couple of plays away from running the Chiefs out of Foxboro.  If that would’ve happened, some of the flaws that occurred Thursday night may have been ignored or brushed off to later in the season.

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In that aspect, the loss is a good wakeup call for the team.  Brady is hopeful this 2017 team will learn from what occurred.  It also went on to say the team has to understand the competitive nature of the games.  Teams will bring their best at the Patriots to knock them off their throne.  As evident with Thursday night, if they don’t have that competitive fight to counter punches, the result is and will be a loss.

As far as the offense goes, Brady did touch on their inability to make a big play down the stretch and execute.  With that, he also talked about the loss of Julian Edelman and how his absence impacted the game.  He said he and the new players around him have to find trust and an understanding with one another to make the offense work.

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With all that, the offense still put up 27 points and left points on the field against a great defense.  Imagine what happens when they get it all together.