What the Boston Red Sox offseason blueprint should be

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The Boston Red Sox offseason began on Columbus Day when the Houston Astros came back and won Game 4 at Fenway Park.

It continued Wednesday morning when Boston Red Sox president of baseball operation Dave Dombrowski announced the dismissal of manager John Farrell, who had spent the past five seasons managing the club and had brought them three American League East titles and a World Series championship.

Never the less, the recent playoff performance wasn’t good enough. He was fired.

A new manager

Thus, the first course of action needs to be finding a new manager. A new skipper will give the team a philosophical direction by which they can navigate the Red Sox offseason. While names such as Brad Ausmus, Alex Cora, and Gary DiScarcina have circulated, it is too early to say who will take the helm. That is a whole other topic to tackle. However, it should be decided by the end of October if necessary.

Then the Winter Meetings in November can be met with a full Boston delegation. Overall, the new manager must be someone who can demand respect, lead a team, and create a winning culture fast. This is not a time for experimentation with likable former players with no big-league coaching experience.

A veteran hitter with power

Since the late summer, Boston Red Sox followers and fans have advocated for the acquisition of Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Obviously, this guy is one of the best hitters in our generation. But by no means would he be easy to acquire.

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This draws similarities to Celtics fans being convinced they can trade for Anthony Davis. Instead, I would rather have the Red Sox go out and sign a guy like Eric Hosmer than trade Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts, and/or Jackie Bradley for Stanton. Mainly because there’s more of an apparent need at first base.

Additionally, the signing of Hosmer would balance lefties in the lineup (Rafael Devers, Andrew Benintendi) with righties (Betts, Bogaerts, Hanley Ramirez). Other free agent first basemen I’d consider would be Logan Morrison, Lucas Duda, or Carlos Santana.

A true number five starter

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While Doug Fister performed well in spurts, he is not the answer for the Red Sox future. Rather,  the Sox need to look to add a right-handed starter to compliment David Price, Chris Sale, and Drew Pomeranz. I say this mainly because I’m not sold on the health of Price, Pomeranz, and Eduardo Rodriguez or the reliability of Rick Porcello for a full season.

Upcoming free agents who would fit this role include Jeremy Hellickson, Andrew Cashner, Tyson Ross, Lance Lynn, and Derek Holland. None of them are that old and all of them have experience pitching in the American League. Plus, they’d be relatively inexpensive.

If the Red Sox can accomplish these tasks, they should be in good shape to contend for a division title, an American League pennant, and perhaps a World Series.

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Some want to trade Bogaerts and Pedroia. Others want to resign Moreland. While these also may improve the team, I am not convinced that a blow-up of the roster will do that. This team has a 2-3 year window, so let’s only fix the things that need it. If that includes those things, so be it. It’s only October. The Red Sox offseason has only just begun.