Four Leaf Clover: 4 highlights from Celtics runaway win in New York

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For a second, it looked like the New York Knicks had a chance. Then, the Boston Celtics we all know and love showed up to take home a win.

The Boston Celtics beat the New York Knicks 121-113 on Saturday for their second straight win. They led for the entire second half and ended every run the Knicks made. Here are the Four Leaf Clovers from last night’s game:

Kyrie Irving scores 14 straight

The hero of the game for the Celtics was undoubtedly Kyrie Irving. Kyrie had 31 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists, but no stretch was better than his 15-point outburst in the 3rd quarter.

In a fairly tight game, Kyrie scored 11 straight for the Celtics. Three 3’s and a fastbreak layup gave the Celtics control and put fear into the Knicks’ hearts. He was simply on fire.

Sometimes it is easy to forget how good Kyrie Irving is at basketball. These moments of dominance make us remember and are extremely fun to watch.

Jaylen Brown knows how to play

At just 21 years old, Jaylen Brown is already a quality NBA player. Last night, he showed how great a player can be by just not making any mistakes.

When he got the ball, he overpowered his defenders for easy layups. Off the ball, he made the right cuts and hit timely shots. In transition, he finished strong and made the right plays.

Brown finished with 24 points on 10-17 shooting. Besides his late dunk, nothing was flashy or exaggerated. He just went out and played his game. Jaylen didn’t try too hard or attempt to do anything more than he had to. As long as he continues to play like that, there is no doubt Jaylen Brown will be a significant player in the NBA for years to come.

Brad Stevens Has His Rotation

During the All-Star break, Brad Stevens said there would be some changes to the rotation. While minor, these changes are already showing early in the second half.

More from Boston Celtics

All year, the Celtics have had four everyday starters: Irving, Brown, Tatum, and Horford. The last spot has been more or less up for grabs. Marcus Morris, Aron Baynes, and now Daniel Theis have shared time at that last spot.

Who should get it? At the very least, it is clear that Marcus Morris belongs on the bench. As a starter, he does not get enough touches to make an impact. Morris and Marcus Smart fit nicely as a duo because one can score and the other brings energy on defense. Along with Greg Monroe and Terry Rozier, they make up a very strong bench group.

The difficult choice is between Baynes and Theis. Baynes brings very strong defense but Theis brings the ability to space the floor. I would like to see Theis more even when Baynes gets back with an injury because he brings the biggest ceiling to the Celtics lineup. Spacing the floor is key for Irving, Brown, and Tatum on offense and Horford is good enough on defense where you don’t need two great defenders down low.

The rotation last night was 9 deep. Kyrie-Jaylen-Tatum-Horford-Theis as starters and Smart-Rozier-Morris-Monroe off the bench is a very strong rotation. Baynes could get big minutes against offensive centers or if Theis struggles. Ojeleye could come in for defensive help. That should be the playoff rotation.

A 4 man Highlight

With the game just about in hand, the Celtics decided it was time for their best play of the night. Jayson Tatum got the steal, then tipped the ball to Al Horford. Al threw it ahead to Kyrie who delivered a perfect behind-the-back pass to Jaylen Brown. From there, Jaylen knew exactly what to do. He tomahawked the Knicks into the depths of Madison Square Garden and capped off a Celtics win.

What’s Next?

On Monday, the Boston Celtics face another tanking team: the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Look for more highlights and another win.