Patriots gridiron news: If Tom Brady retires…time wins


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has not committed to playing in the 2018, but that does not mean he is ready to let time win.

Tom Brady retire?  Oh please.  With reports surfacing that the New England Patriots franchise quarterback has not yet committed to the 2018 season comes furious rumors about retirement.

While that is common for any player in the NFL over the age of 35, Brady is too determined to hang up his helmet voluntarily.

Though the reality of age is there, this is a 40-year-old quarterback who won the NFL’s prestigious MVP award just a week before coming a strip-sack short of winning his sixth Super Bowl. Giving the fact that he threw for over 500 yards in that same game, the competitiveness in him won’t allow him to end his career watching the Philadelphia Eagles jumping up and down around him.

Tom Brady simply can’t and won’t let time win.

Not right now anyway.

After basically forcing Jimmy Garoppolo out of town and telling anyone who would listen that he will play well into his 40s, he has to save face.  If not for himself, then for his TB12 brand.  You see, anyone who has watched the “Tom vs. Time” docuseries has seen a man dedicated to overcoming the challenges of age to still compete at a high level.

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If you watched, he told you that if you keep your body and mind healthy, time is less of an obstacle.  Although at the end, there were hints and winks of defeat, that wasn’t the football version of Tom Brady speaking, it was the family version of him.

Defeat has a way of forcing out those tears of emotion in any human being.  Add to that his passive aggressive drama with Bill Belichick and it’s easy to speculate about his future or lack thereof in New England.

The NFL world is also anxious to see the New England Patriots dynasty crumble.  In their eyes, that happens if and when Brady walks away from the game.

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It’s all about a new deal 

Like Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady is not looking to retire, just get paid.  It’s as plain and simple as that.  The man wants a new deal to assure the team believes in his ability to play at least the next two seasons.

Although he has and is expected to miss the entire offseason workout program, reports have surfaced that Brady intends to get together with his top receivers and workout.  Besides, does he really need to say out loud that he is returning when he has told everyone he intends on playing until his beard is gray?

According to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, a 19th NFL season is going to happen and to will likely come with a new contract.

"“It’s not a pressing issue,” Garafolo said, via  “It’s not anything that is contentious right now.  But Brady would absolutely be interested in revisiting this contract.”"

Currently, Tom Brady is due to earn an annual average of $14 million over the next two seasons.  That is significantly less than Garoppolo will make in San Francisco.

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You better believe the New England Patriots 40-year-old quarterback wants to finally get the money he feels he has earned.  It’s really not about the actual money itself, its more about appreciation and respect from the other piece of the Patriots dynasty foundation.