New England Patriots: Rob Gronkowski is getting annoying

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Rob Gronkowski had a bizarre press conference this past weekend promoting Monster Supercross. He answered questions about football and came across as thinking that everything going on with him and the New England Patriots is a joke.

Let me preface this by saying I love me some Rob Gronkowski. He is the most dominant tight end to ever play the game, but his antics are really getting annoying, and it may lead to him leaving the New England Patriots.

This all stems back to Gronkowski’s comments after the Super Bowl. All he had to do was say he was going to play this season. Once he opened up that can of worms by not confirming that he will play this season all of New England went into a panic. “How will we survive without Rob Gronkowski?”

Rob Gronkowski: Supercross pro?

This weird press conference is the last straw. When Gronk was asked if he planned on  attending offseason workouts Gronkowski said no because he had “dirt biking skills to work on.”  When asked about his status for 2018 he responded by saying “My status is doing really great. I’ve been riding dirt bikes. I’ve been training really hard. I can vroom vroom really good. I can ride that bike like no other, and my speed is up there.”

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Then later Gronkowski talked about living in the present.

"“Wow. Coming at me. I’ve learned never talk forward. I’m just here today in the present. I’m working hard, riding these bikes. Just drinking Monster Energy Gronks, so you can get wild, do crazy stuff that people don’t like when I do it, but I’ll just do it. Get crazy."

This isn’t a joke

Gronkowski is making a joke of this situation. This crazy press conference was basically him sticking his tongue out at Bill Belichick. The Patriots need Gronk to be a leader and not a distraction.

Gronkowski’s on-field talent is unmatched. There seems to be no ball that he can’t catch, but his off the field antics are affecting his role with the team.

Now the Patriots can solve this situation pretty easily. They just need to pay Gronk. He is using his possible retirement as leverage for a better contract and frankly he deserves it. The best tight end in the league deserves to have the best contract.

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Hopefully the two sides can reach an agreement soon because the always lovable Gronkowski has begun to get on people’s nerves.