New England Patriots: Tom Brady pleads appreciation for Bill Belichick

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has finally confirmed he is returning for the 2018 NFL season while speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference on Monday. 

While not offering much, Tom Brady sure had some interesting things to say while speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference this past Monday.  Amongst some of the topics discussed was whether the New England Patriots quarterback felt appreciated.

In playing over 19 seasons in the NFL with five Super Bowl wins, the answer to that question would be obvious, except for the recent tension Brady has with the team.

Over those many seasons with the Patriots, Brady has restructured his contract a few times to help the team address other areas of need.  With the amount of success the team has had, it has certainly been worth it.  But, is Tom Brady really appreciated for the financial sacrifices he has made for the team?

Fans and even haters of the reigning NFL MVP has that appreciation, but what about Bill Belichick?  The tension that has arose over the last few months centering about Brady’s trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero seems to put some doubt in Brady’s head.

So, when asked the question, Brady quickly answered with, “I plead the Fifth!”

But, he did go on to elaborate with a more thought out response.

"“Man, that is a tough question,” Brady told host Jim Gray in the interview, as transcribed by USA Today Sports.  “I think everybody in general wants to be appreciated more in their professional life, but there’s a lot of people that appreciate me way more than I ever thought was possible as part of my life.  You have different influences in your life and the people I work with, they’re trying to get the best out of me.  So they’re trying to treat me in the way they feel is going to get the best out of me, and I’ve got to get the best out of myself.”"

During the interview, Tom Brady did confirm he is returning for the 2018 season and possibly beyond.  While his words appear to indicate that he does not feel completely appreciated by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Belichick, Brady did confirm that he understands how he has been treated which has made him a better football player.

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Brady shows appreciation for Bill Belichick

While the answer he gave on whether he felt appreciated was a more indirect response, the 40-year-old quarterback did address Bill Belichick directly.

As fractured as their relationship appears to be, Brady showed that he understands his head coach like no other and gave him credit for his NFL success.

"“He has a management style (with) players, and he would say, ‘Look, I’m not the easiest coach to play for.’ And I agree.  He’s not the easiest coach to play for,” Brady said in reference to Belichick.  “But he’s the best for me.  I think what he’s proven is that whatever talent he has, he maximizes talent.  What more could you ask of a coach than that?  That’s what I want as a player.”"

Since turning to him in 2001, Bill Belichick has certainly gotten the best out of Tom Brady.  While he, like everyone else, has raised an eyebrow over some of his football decisions (Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII), the franchise quarterback knows he is where he is because of him.

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Perhaps, Brady wants Belichick to appreciate the fact that he is also where he is because of the No. 199 pick in the 2000 NFL Draft.