Boston Celtics: Danny Ainge doesn’t need to make move this offseason

There are going to be some big names available this offseason, but the Boston Celtics should stick with their current squad.

The Boston Celtics are on a run that no one could have expected.

Without Gordon Hayward, and Kyrie Irving the C’s are 2 wins away from advancing to the NBA Finals. With all of the success this beaten and battered team has had, there is no reason to break it all up for a max player.

There are two players that will be on the Celtics radar, Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis.

Leonard is a great player… when he wants to play. There were conflicting reports in the 2nd half of the season with one side saying Leonard was healthy to play, but Leonard and his side saying he wasn’t ready.

There is no doubt that when Leonard is healthy he is one of the best players in the league. Leonard is one of the best defenders in the league who can drive to the basket and is a knockdown mid-range shooter.

Now Davis is a much more intriguing case. He is an athletic freak who could boost the Celtics frontcourt immediately.

Davis is a 3 time all-star and candidate to be the league’s MVP this year. Davis can really do it all. He is dangerous offensively and his athleticism and height make him a solid defender.

Furthermore, Davis would immediately make a big impact on the Celtics.

Trust the progress

With all that in mind, the Celtics shouldn’t blow up their roster this offseason. With how far this team has gone they deserve a shot at full capacity.

If this team at their current state had Hayward and Irving I think they would win the finals.

Just imagine next year’s lineup. Jayson Tatum would be coming off the bench. A candidate for rookie of the year would be your 6th man. Daniel Theis will be back and will be a solid depth player, and Marcus Morris will solidify the Celtics 2nd unit.

The question is who will be the C’s guards?

Marcus Smart will be a free agent and will be demanding some serious coin. Smart is a player you love to watch and would hate to see in another teams uniform, but thankfully it looks like Wyc Grousbeck is willing to crack open the piggy bank and pay some luxury tax.

If the Celtics can maintain their current roster they will be one of the deepest teams in the league. With Irving and Hayward returning next season it’s finals or bust for the C’s.