New England Patriots: Robert Kraft assures fans that everything is fine in Foxborough


With Tom Brady absent at OTA’s, New England Patriots fans started to worry about the future of the franchise. Patriots owner Robert Kraft believes that there is no reason to worry.

On Tuesday, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick refused to talk about players who weren’t on the field. Robert Kraft seems to think differently. I guess you can say whatever you want when you own the team.

Kraft is currently attending the owner’s meetings in Atlanta and calmed all worried fans nerves with his comments.

"“I can only say this, I know he’s very excited about being at mini-camp and having a very special season this year,” Kraft said.“I’ve been in communication with Tom. I think he’s very excited about the upcoming season. These are voluntary workouts. I think he’s in great shape. I think he’s at an age where he’s blessed to have three children now and built a number of businesses and has certain responsibilities. I think it’s very hard for him to fulfill those during the season with the commitment that he has to football.”"

Tom Brady hasn’t missed OTA’s in a decade. So what’s going on isn’t exactly normal. He is missing valuable reps with guys like Braxton Berrios who need to build chemistry with their new quarterback. If Brady had decided to not attend mini-camp it would be time to pound the panic button.

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The evolution of TB12

This move by Brady shows how he has changed as a player and a person. He is more focused on his personal happiness and spending time with his family. You can’t really blame the guy. He has played 18 seasons and is 40 years old. He has given his life to football and wants to enjoy the few years he has left in the league.

Besides the reps, Brady really isn’t missing much. He is still training with Alex Guerrero and is probably the healthiest  40-year-old to ever walk the Earth. The TB12 method has worked its magic.

So Brady will return and everything will be fine. Patriots fans heart rates spiked for no reason. The dynasty is still intact.

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It has been an interesting offseason for the New England Patriots, but hopefully fans can focus on what’s going on the field and not incidents off of it.